US Manufacturer of LED Arrays Need for a Potting Compound for New Product Line

Crafting Encapsulants for US LED Manufacturers

Referred by a satisfied Epic Resins customer, a US manufacturer of LED arrays came to Epic Resins in need of a potting compound to encapsulate the LED circuitry of their new LED display product line.

Epic Resins Gains New Client from Customer Referral

Hearing about the huge success the referral company had working with Epic Resins, the United States based LED display manufacturer decided to partner with Epic Resins for their LED display production. With Epic Resins renowned combination of quality, performance, service, and cost unmatchable by other epoxy and polyurethane formulators the LED manufacturer made the right choice in selecting Epic Resins for their polyurethane needs.

Custom Formulation of Potting Compounds

LED arraysWith years of experience and expert knowledge in formulating potting compounds for encapsulating LED circuitry, Epic Resins was able to accurately assess the specific potting compound needed for this manufacturer’s new LED product line. After thorough evaluation, Epic Resins selected a modified version of S7144 LED potting compound to drive the success of the LED display manufacturer.

The Epic S7144 series of two component polyurethane LED potting compounds feature:

The modified S7144 LED potting compound delivers easy processing, low mechanical stress, and excellent electrical properties meeting the particular needs of the manufacturers' new LED product line.

Manufacturing Support and Follow Up

Epic Resins involvement in the new LED product line didn’t conclude after delivering an exceptional LED potting compound. The Epic Resins team worked directly with this LED array manufacturer, offering on the LED potting compound meter-mix-dispenses (MMD) equipment. Epic Resins demonstrated the proper mixing techniques and trained employees on how to recognize and resolve problems often encountered when using MMD equipment such as striations, low or high hardness and lead lag.

Epic Resins is your potting compound formulation partner for successful production. From concept to production, Epic Resins partners with you, evaluating your specific potting compound needs to deliver a solution driven to perform in your specific application.

To get US manufactured encapsulating resins for your LED lighting products, contact Epic Resins for a quote.