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Bulk Tanks for Raw Materials Epic Resins Palmyra WisconsinEpic Resins is a custom formulator of epoxy resin and polyurethane compounds for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), operating since 1958. Epic Resins is unique in the epoxy resin manufacturing industry, offering the most competitive prices on potting compounds and CUSTOM epoxy formulation services to perfectly match YOUR product outcome needs. The customer representatives at Epic Resins have chemistry backgrounds, have worked in OEM manufacturing settings, and listen to you to understand your production process.

When you meet with Epic Resins, we do much more than walk you through our catalog of epoxy potting compounds. We work with you to understand your production needs and how we can custom manufacture an epoxy resin supporting your product outcome desires AND your budget.

At Epic Resins you will ALWAYS speak to a person if calling between 8am and 5pm CST - WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU! There is no voice mail or answering machines to work through. Our staff understands the ways in which we can modify or create epoxy resins, polyurethane compounds, and electronics potting compounds to perfectly fit the needs of your specific manufacturing application because we understand the chemistry. No other custom epoxy formulator is able to offer prices as low as Epic Resins for the custom manufacturing of potting epoxies. No other epoxy resin manufacturer offering potting compounds in our price range is able to offer our level of custom epoxy formulation capabilities. Epic Resins is simply the best choice for electronics potting compounds, polyurethane compounds, solar panel encapsulation compounds, moisture cure adhesives, junction box potting compounds, sandwich panel adhesives and all epoxy resins.

Epoxy Resin FormulatorCall Epic Resins, the best custom epoxy formulators, today at 1-800-242-6649 to find out more about getting the best price on the perfect electronic potting compound, epoxy resin for electronics, solar panel encapsulation or polyurethane resins for your specific manufacturing application. You will speak to someone TODAY between the hours of 8am and 5pm CST! OR use our simple QUOTE REQUEST FORM to send us a message about your application and the solution your are looking for, we WILL contact you within the next business day, or at your convenience if a time is specified, to discuss solutions and how Epic Resins will exceed your expectations!

Quality polyurethane potting compound products, unmatched epoxy formulation customer service, and competitive pricing have always been the key elements of our philosophy and the reasons for Epic Resins’ continued growth. We believe these elements are vital in maintaining the excellent relationships we've established with our epoxy resin formulation customers. As a custom epoxy formulator, we are constantly developing new potting compound products and applications, improving existing resins, improving our manufacturing processes and reducing costs, thereby helping our customers to do the same.

Contact our epoxy potting compound manufacturers today for high quality custom epoxy resin formulations for your unique needs.

Advanced Potting Epoxy and Encapsulation Product Technology

Epic Resins electrical potting compounds are based on one and two-component epoxy resin and two-component polyurethane resin chemistries. They are solvent-free liquids, 100 percent solids formulated epoxy resin and polyurethane resin compounds. Epic Resins potting compounds are designed to efficiently fixture and encapsulate electronic components, while also protecting them from adverse environmental, mechanical, thermal and electrical stresses. Our electronic potting compounds also provide excellent electrical insulation to extend product life cycles and enhance the performance of potted electrical and electronic devices.

Solar epoxy encapsulation resin for solar panelsSolar Encapsulation Products and Alternative Energy System Solutions

Epic Resins specializes in formulating a complete range of bonding, potting and encapsulating products for solar energy applications. Epic Resins formulates adhesives, potting and encapsulating products designed for optimal thermal management in solar energy applications such as Micro-Inverters, Charge Controllers, J-Boxes, Solar Batteries, and Solar Panel Bonding. With over 50 years of experience in the products and processes that are vital to the Solar Energy Device Market, Epic Resin will custom formulate an epoxy or polyurethane compound to meet your solar energy adhesive requirements.

Epoxy Potting Compounds

Epic Resins electronic potting compounds are formulated with specific blends of epoxy resin for electronics, curing agents and modifiers to provide the best application properties for meeting our customer's potted device performance specifications. The key features of our epoxy resin potting compounds include:

* Room or Elevated Epoxy Cure Temperatures

* Excellent Dimensional Stability

* Excellent Chemical and Moisture Resistance

* High Temperature Resistance

* Excellent Dielectric Properties

* Ease of Processing

* Flame Retardant Properties

* Low Cost

* Low Shrinkage

* Strong Adhesion

* U.L. Recognized Potting

* Excellent Mechanical Properties

* Meter Mix & Dispense Friendly

* Good Work Life

Epic Resins epoxy potting compounds are available in a wide variety of viscosities, mix ratios, electrical and physical properties. Just like our polyurethane encapsulating compounds, custom epoxy formulation is always available to meet your specific potting epoxy needs.

Polyurethane Potting Compounds

Epic Resins polyurethane electronic potting systems are two-component liquid potting compounds with varying degrees of pot life, viscosities and hardness for a broad range of electrical, electronic potting, solar potting and encapsulating applications such as strain-sensitive components, coils, micro inverters, J-Box and transformers. The key features of our polyurethane potting compounds include:

* Fast Process Times-Cure Speed

* Low Stress on Embedded Components

* Improved Thermal Shock

* Ease of Handling

* U.L. Recognized Potting Systems

* Re-enterable Encapsulating Systems

* Low Cost

* Low Exotherm

* Excellent Dielectric Properties

* Low Process Hazards-Non-TDI

* Room or Elevated Temp. Cure

* Fungus Resistance

Our epoxy resin and polyurethane potting compounds are used in ignition coils, LED's, electronic control modules, solar panels, alternative energy equipment and many other devices. Other popular applications of our products are moisture cure adhesives for panel bonding, chemical resistant polyurethanes for pool and spa filters, high quality epoxy resin adhesives and potting compounds for heavy duty liquid filtration applications, and epoxy resin encapsulating compounds for demanding submersible pump applications and solar panel encapsulation. This is a small sampling of the products which use our epoxy resins and polyurethane compounds.

Whatever your application, Epic Resins will custom formulate an epoxy resin product to meet your exact needs. Contact the best epoxy and polyurethane adhesive formulators in the business today for more information on how we can help your company succeed.

Epic S7478 Potting Compound Technical Data Sheet