Electric Vehicle (EV) Motor Potting Compounds

Quality Potting Resins – Essential for EV Motor ProtectionCustom EV (electronic vehicle) motor potting/casting compounds

Impregnating motors with thermal management materials

Epic Resins is on the leading edge of formulating UL-recognized epoxies and polyurethanes with strong dielectric properties—perfect for optimizing EV motor performance. Manufacturers benefit from using resin products like these, which lower the costs of components and lead to wider adoption of the technology.

Thermally conductive encapsulants for lower motor operating temp

A common maxim in the motor industry is that every ten degrees of reduced operating temperature corresponds with a doubling of engine life. The still-developing electric vehicle motor industry places a premium on a motor’s ability to carry a high current without overheating. Potting or encapsulation compounds can lower the operating temperature of electric motors, resulting in higher power output, longer engine life, and better reliability.

Get EV Motor Potting Compounds

Electronic Potting Materials for EV Motor Systems

0218 - Epoxy Adhesive & Potting Compound

Epic 0218 is a single component epoxy adhesive and potting compound. Epic 0218 is designed to have excellent bonding and thermal properties and features a 10-month shelf life at 25°C.

S7559 - Anhydride Cured Epoxy

Epic S7559 is a two component anhydride cured epoxy designed for high-performance EV motor applications that require wide operating temperatures as well as high-temperature performance.

Custom Potting Materials = Better Electric Vehicle MotorsEV motor potting & casting

Our potting materials have a wide variety of electrical and thermal conductivity characteristics. They can be further modified by our expert polymer formulators to work in any environment and any application -- from high-performance drones to driverless electric vehicles.

Working with Epic Resins gives EV motor manufacturers the flexibility to get unique electronic potting resins perfect for their applications. Our formulators will adapt existing products to better address the needs of your specific application.

Brushless motor winding potting compounds

Epic Resins specializes in creating custom epoxy and polyurethane compounds to perfectly meet the needs of your products, with engineered characteristics that perfectly match your application process. Whether you need low viscosity for VPI processes or high viscosity for manual batch processing, we’ll work with you to achieve the characteristics and performance you require.

Epic Resins has decades of experience in specialty epoxy and polyurethane resins. Our professional staff uses superior customer service to work with clients to solidify their manufacturing production process. Our expertise provides clients the ability to maximize proactive product development and supply consistency to achieve maximum value.

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