RM2018 Description:

Epic Resins RM2018 is a two component polyurethane potting and encapsulating compound that carries a UL94 V-0 flammability rating. RM2018 is designed for potting DC/DC converters, GPS sensors and other electronic devices that require flexibility over a wide temperature range. RM2018 also features a convenient 4:1 volumetric mix ratio, lowTg and excellent electrical stability over various frequencies. 

S7475 Product Description:

Epic S7475 is a two component polyurethane compound that was formulated for various electronic potting applications including electronic control modules (ECM’s), micro-inverters, and lithium battery systems.   The low durometer of Epic S7475 provides excellent flexibility over a wides temperature range, therefore allowing delicate surface mount devices (SMD's) to expand and contract during thermal shock minimizing stress on components.  Epic S7475 also features excellent thermal stability providing this product as an ideal candidate for applications that generate a great deal of heat during operation.  Epic S7475 is free of heavy metals and PBDE's and is RoHS compliant. S7475 meets UL94V-0 at 4.8mm.

S7527 Product Description:

Epic S7527 is a two component urethane potting material formulated to provide a long gel time at a medium hardness. S7527 has a UL 94V-0 recognized flame rating at 9mm without the use of phosphate or halogen containing flame retardants. S7527 is made from RoHS compliant ingredients. S7527 has excellent thermal properties and water resistance.