Paint Brush and Paint Roller Adhesives Available at Epic Resins

Custom Formulated Epoxy Resin Adhesives for use with Natural, Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, and Vinyl Filaments

Epic Resins offers a plethora of industry leading paint brush and paint roller adhesives. Our paint brush and roller adhesives offer excellent adhesion to natural bristles, nylon, polyester and olefin filaments, as well as vinyl substrates. With our custom adhesive formulation abilities, you're sure to find the exact type of adhesive you want, with the chemical properties to best serve your product.

If you’re designing a paint brush, Epic Resins offers several epoxy resins with:

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Epic Resins provides both 2 component epoxy resin adhesives as well as one component polyurethane moisture cure adhesives to serve the paint brush and paint roller markets.

Epic 0703 - Paint Brush Epoxy Adhesive Series

Filaments held by epoxy paint brush adhesive

Epic 0703 Series is an epoxy paint brush adhesive which comes in several different grades depending on the penetration you require. You can even blend different grades of adhesive to obtain the correct penetration for your product. The 0703 series of products will penetrate both hollow and solid filaments alike. The 0703 series of adhesives demonstrate excellent adhesion to natural bristles as well as nylon, polyester, and olefin filaments. A finished brush using 0703 series adhesive has excellent chemical resistance to mineral spirits, turpentine, detergent, and water.

Epic S7005 - Epoxy Adhesive, Versatile, Solvent-Free, Room Temperature Cure

Epic S7005 is a versatile, solvent free, room temperature cure epoxy adhesive. It provides excellent bond strength for a wide variety of materials, including difficult to bond vinyl substrates. S7005 epoxy adhesive is particularly useful in fabricating paint rollers and flat pads. It contains no volatiles thereby minimizing air pollution. The elimination of solvents minimizes fire hazards and reduces the need for frequent viscosity adjustments resulting from solvent evaporation. This epoxy adhesive has a convenient 2 to 1 mix ratio and is designed for meter mix/dispense applications.

Epic S7442 - Epoxy Adhesive with Proven Performance on High-Speed Jackson Winders

Epoxy paint roller adhesive

Epic S7442 is an epoxy adhesive that provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials including difficult to bond plastic substrates. Epic S7442 adhesive has been demonstrated especially useful in fabricating paint rollers made on high-speed Jackson Winders. S7442 epoxy adhesive contains no Volatile Organic Compounds, thereby minimizing air pollution potential and eliminating solvents as a fire hazard. Epic S7442 paint roller adhesive has been demonstrated to develop good bonds in applications such as Fabric to vinyl substrates, Fabric to treated polypropylene and Foam to metal substrates.

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Please contact us M-F, 8am-5pm CST 262.495.3400 or 800.242.6649 to further discuss any of our line of premium, 100% solid paint brush adhesive materials designed for excellent chemical resistance and ease of processing. We have many other brush and roller adhesives in addition to our standard adhesive series, and as a custom formulator, we can develop an adhesive by tailoring it to your needs.

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