Light Emitting Diode (LED) Potting Applications and LED Encapsulants

Optically Clear LED Encapsulation ResinsEpoxy Resin and Polyurethane Compounds for Peerless LED Encapsulation

The demand for LED encapsulants is expected to continue its meteoric rise, fueled by the explosive growth of LED lighting. In 2013, LED lighting was 18% of a $66 billion global lighting market. By 2020, it's expected to comprise 70% of a $100 billion global market.* Packaged LED lighting will dominate the demand.

*Per data cited by General Electric in a 2013 article in Forbes.

Epic Resins specializes in quality LED encapsulation for any industry or application

Our epoxy and polyurethane resin formulations insulate fragile wire bonds from moisture, thermal shock, vibration, and other potentially damaging conditions. Liquid epoxy is poured into the LED chamber and bracketed to the desired shape. Our high-efficiency ovens then cure the mold. Epic Resins' epoxy manufacturing process exceeds all industry expectations for quality, cost and dependability.

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Epic Resins has been at the forefront of LED encapsulation technologies for decades. One component of our quality is the extensive technical training of our epoxy and polyurethane specialists. Our specialists ensure your epoxy or polyurethane compound lasts as long as the LED light itself. For reliable, cost-effective LED encapsulation, Epic Resins is the answer.

Custom-Made Resins for LED Lighting Manufacturers

Epic Resins' expert formulators excel in customizing formulations to fit the specific needs of our customers. If you see an Epic Resins compound that doesn't entirely fit your needs, we'll adjust the formula to work with your unique product properties. Our advanced development and testing labs allow us to create new formulas from the ground up, so LED lighting manufacturers are certain to find the perfect epoxy or polyurethane compound for their products.

Epic Resins has decades of experience in specialty epoxy and polyurethane resins. Our professional staff uses superior customer service to work with clients to solidify their manufacturing production process. Our expertise provides clients the ability to maximize proactive product development and supply consistency to achieve maximum value.

Why Epic Resins?

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LED Encapsulating Compounds Available at Epic Resins:

Epic S7478 - 2 Component Polyurethane LED Potting Compound

Epic S7478 series is a two-component polyurethane potting compound designed for use in high-temperature applications. Epic S7478 is UL 94 V-0 recognized in a thin cross-section without the use of halogen flame retardants and offers a 140°C RTI recognized by UL. The Epic S7478 works extremely well for LED drivers that must meet the requirements of UL 8750 safety standards for LED equipment in lighting products, damp location drivers, electrical encapsulation, signs and many other electrical potting applications. For more technical information on Epic S7478, please view the brochure.

Epic S7253 - 2 Component Polyurethane Encapsulation Compound

Epic S7253 series of products are two-component polyurethane encapsulation compounds that are recognized by Underwriter's Laboratories as flame retardant materials. The S7253 series of LED potting urethanes are available in a variety of colors and gel times. The S7253 series of polyurethane LED encapsulants have a low mixed viscosity and good thermal conductivity.

Epic R1055/H5083 - Modified Epoxy System

EPIC R1055/H5083 is a UL recognized vacuum grade modified epoxy system with 180°C RTI. Low mixed viscosity and a long gel time allows this material to achieve 100% penetration of tightly wound coils and tight tolerance spaces in potting applications.

Epic S7512 - Thermally Conductive Epoxy

EPIC S7512 is a thermally conductive epoxy potting compound that possesses a long work life and low mixed viscosity that helps to fully encapsulate tight tolerance areas.

Epic S7513 - Thermally Conductive Epoxy

EPIC S7513 is a thermally conductive epoxy potting and casting compound with a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and low mixed viscosity allowing penetration of intricate areas of electronics applications while reducing stress to delicate components during thermal cycling.

Epic S7144 - 2 Component Polyurethane LED Potting Compound

Epic S7144 series of products are two-component polyurethane LED potting compounds that are formulated in a variety of colors and gel times. The S7144 series of products are designed with a meter mix friendly 3:1 ratio by volume, a Shore A Hardness of 80, and good hydrolytic stability for LED encapsulation applications.

Epic S7310 - 2 Component Urethane Potting Compound

Epic S7310 is a black two-component urethane compound featuring low viscosity, a 1:1 volumetric mixing ratio, good resin/hardener compatibility, and good durometer stability after being exposed to elevated temperatures.

Epic S7160 - 2 Component Epoxy Compound

Epic S7160 is a two-component clear epoxy system designed for coating or encapsulating a variety of substrates. S7160 features a low viscosity and long pot life to provide air bubble free castings.

Epic S7302 - Medium Durometer Polyurethane

EPIC S7302 is a medium durometer polyurethane potting compound used in applications that are subject to regular thermal cycling between -70°C and 135°C with short excursions up to 160°C. EPIC S7302 has low viscosity allowing excellent penetration as well as good adhesion to both plastic and metal case materials.

Epic S7475 - RoHS Compliant Polyurethane

EPIC S7475 is a premium, RoHS compliant, polyurethane potting compound that is UL 94 V-0 recognized. Low mixed viscosity allows this material to flow under PCB's and into tight tolerance areas. EPIC S7475 is suited for applications that will see constant thermal cycling due to its very low glass transition temperature and soft durometer.

Epic S7527 - UL 94 V-0 Recognized Polyurethane

EPIC S7527 is a UL 94 V-0 recognized polyurethane potting compound with excellent thermal and electrical properties. EPIC S7527 is outstanding for potting encapsulating sensitive electronics which will be exposed to outdoor environments. EPIC S7527 is designed for use in equipment conforming to UL 8750, the standard for LED equipment for use in lighting products. This polyurethane has undergone extensive UL testing and has achieved a 150°C RTI rating, a rating previously unavailable with flexible polyurethane potting compounds.

LED Encapsulation Improves Applications in Innumerable Industries

Epic Resins LED potting formulations are dynamic. We engineer epoxy and polyurethane solutions varied in hardness, pot life, thermal integrity, temperature tolerance, viscosity and more. Whatever type of LED encapsulation you require, Epic Resins can deliver. We’ve devised polyurethane potting compounds for automotive lights, LED signs, and LED embedded indicators, including Epic S7511.

The chemical engineers at Epic Resins frequently develop custom blend polyurethane compounds that prevent mechanical failure and moisture damage, extending the life of the LED. For applications requiring extreme thermal resistance, we also have epoxies for LED encapsulation.

LED Encapsulant polyurethane compoundOther common LED encapsulation applications include:

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Thermally Conductive Epoxy LED Potting

Polyurethane LED potting compound S7144For applications requiring heat transfer, Epic Resins’ epoxy LED potting compounds are engineered for thermal conductivity. They prevent moisture and contamination across a broad temperature range. Regardless of your thermal conductivity or moisture prevention needs, the potting specialists at Epic Resins will help you choose optimal materials for your LED encapsulation.

Solid-State Lighting is the illuminating technology of the future, but tests indicate that SSL technology can be unreliable. Epic Resins has conducted Hammer testing and determined numerous ways improve SSL integrity with better driver design. Selection of appropriate compound is imperative in controlling two common SSL failures: board-level corrosion and solder joint fatigue in the driver circuit.

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