Light Emitting Diode (LED) Potting Applications and LED Encapsulants

LED EncapsulationEpoxy Resin and Polyurethane Compounds for LEDs

Recent research shows the demand for LED encapsulants is expected to double in the next few years, with packaged LED lighting dominating this demand. Epic Resins offers the highest quality LED encapsulation for virtually any industry and application. LED encapsulants are engineered to prevent fragile wire bonds from breaking, keeping LED lights in tact and damage free. Encapsulating your LED lights protects against moisture, thermal shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and other potentially damaging environments. The LED encapsulation process includes  pouring liquid epoxy into the LED chamber and inserting the bracket to create the desired shape. The mold is then set in the oven until hardened. Our epoxy manufacturers have exceeded industry expectations for decades in terms of quality, cost, and dependability. Utilizing the best LED encapsulation technologies and decades of industry training, we provide unbeatable service for each customer we serve. Our state of the art epoxy manufacturing equipment ensures LED encapsulation is performed correctly the first time, producing exceptional results. When you’re seeking cost-effective LED encapsulation  you can depend on, turn to  none other than Epic Resins.

LED Encapsulation Improving a Variety of Applications

Light Emitting Diode (LED) potting applications are extremely varied in terms of hardness, pot life, thermal abilities, temperature tolerance, viscosity, and more. Epic Resins manufactures a product line of epoxy resin and polyurethane potting and encapsulating compounds that meet the needs of LED product manufacturers when LED encapsulation is required. Our LED epoxy and polyurethane potting compounds are used in applications ranging from automotive lights and LED signs to LED indicators that are incorporated into other products. Combining polyurethane compounds in the LED encapsulation n process prevents mechanical and moisture damage, extending the life of LED lights. For those seeking extreme temperature and thermal resistance, we recommend our epoxy LED encapsulation.

Other common LED encapsulation applications include:

  • Advertising banners
  • Aviation and airplane lighting
  • Home and business lighting
  • Theater lighting
  • Architectural lighting

Polyurethane LED potting compound S7144

From extremely thermally conductive epoxy LED potting compounds to flexible polyurethane LED potting compounds that will seal out moisture and contaminants over a large temperature range, Epic Resins can help to select the proper material for your LED encapsulation application. 

The Hammer Testing Findings for Solid-State Lighting Luminaires suggests the reliability of LED lighting can be improved with better driver design. Selecting the appropriate potting compound is imperative in controlling two common failures in SSL Luminaires: board-level corrosion and solder joint fatigue in the driver circuit. These findings are discussed in detail here.

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Epic S7478 - 2 Component Polyurethane LED Potting Compound

The Epic S7478 is a two component polyurethane potting compound designed for use in high temperature applications.  Epic S7478 is UL 94 V-0 recognized in a thin cross section without the use of halogen flame retardants and offers a 140°C RTI recognized by UL.  The Epic S7478 works extremely well for LED drivers that must meet the requirements of UL 8750 safety standards for LED equipment in lighting products, damp location drivers, electrical encapsulation, signs and many other electrical potting applications.  For more technical information on Epic S7478 please view the brochure below.

LED Encapsulant polyurethane compound

Epic S7144 - 2 Component Polyurethane LED Potting Compound

Epic S7144 series of products are two component polyurethane LED potting compounds that are formulated in a variety of colors and gel times. The S7144 series of products are designed with a meter mix friendly 3:1 ratio by volume, a Shore A Hardness of 80, and good hydrolytic stability for LED encapsulation applications.

Epic S7253 - 2 Component Polyurethane Encapsulation Compound

Epic S7253 series of products are two component polyurethane encapsulation compounds that are recognized by Underwriter's Laboratories as flame retardant materials.  The S7253 series of LED potting urethanes are available in a variety of colors and gel times.  The S7253 series of polyurethane LED encapsulants have a low mixed viscosity and good thermal conductivity.

Epic S7410 - 2 Component Epoxy Potting Compound

Epic S7410 is a two component epoxy potting compound designed for LED potting and to pass UL 94-V0 flame retardancy testing. Epic S7410 features a convenient 4:1 volumetric mix ratio as well as a low mixed viscosity for superior flow. Epic S7410 LED epoxy encapsulant was also designed with a long pot life to ensure proper flow into tight tolerance areas common in LED encapsulation applications.

Epic S7310 - 2 Component Urethane Potting Compound

Epic S7310 is a black two component urethane potting compound that features:

  1. Low viscosity
  2. 1:1 volumetric mix ratio
  3. Good resin/hardener compatibility
  4. Good durometer stability after exposure to elevated temperatures.

LED light potted with epoxy encapsulant

Epic S7280 - 2 Component Polyurethane LED Potting Compound

Epic S7280 is a two component polyurethane LED potting compound based on polybutadiene chemistry.  This polybutadiene character gives S7280 urethane improved elevated temperature properties required in LED encapsulation.  The S7280 is a fast gel version of Epic's popular S7220-02 polyurethane for LED potting applications.

Epic S7160 - 2 Component Epoxy Compound

EPIC S7160 is a two component clear epoxy system designed for coating or encapsulating a variety of substrates. S7160 features a low viscosity and long pot life to provide air bubble free castings.
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Epic S7478 Potting Compound Technical Data Sheet