Polyurethanes - Encapsulating Compounds - Adhesives for Wind Power Manufacturers

Custom adhesives for Wind Turbines


Custom Formulations of Polyurethane and Epoxy Resin for the Wind Energy Industry are Our Everyday Business

Epic Resins formulates a complete range of bonding, potting and encapsulating products for wind energy applications. Wind energy is another alternate energy market we formulate a wide variety of custom polyurethane and epoxy resin solutions. Wind Generators (also referred to as wind turbines) use polymeric materials throughout the manufacturing process.

Epoxy Resins for Generators - Custom formulated polyurethane and epoxy resins designed to protect vital generator components in wind turbines, such as stator end windings or field coils.
Charge Controller Potting and Encapsulating - UL approved electrical potting and encapsulating formulations are designed to stand up the high temperature and high voltage requirements necessary for power charge controller components.
Battery Encapsulants - Capable of withstanding a wide range of temperature variation and suitable for application in multiple situations, battery encapsulants and urethane products that are an excellent cost effective solution for wind power battery and battery system manufacturing.
Wind Turbine Component Adhesives - Custom formulated adhesives for bonding the fiberglass and epoxy laminate materials used in constructing blades for wind turbines with flexible open time, pot life, MMD equipment friendly ratios and fillers, and a wide variety of cure schedules, these are the best choice for wind power adhesives.

Adhesives and Potting Compounds for Turbines and Wind Energy Components

Our polyurethane and epoxy resin solutions for wind energy applications are custom formulated to perform in each exact wind energy application. Epic Resins manufactures epoxy products used in the construction of the blades, as well as products used in the manufacturer of the generator itself and even materials used in the manufacture of composite tower poles and support structure. We produce many polyurethane and epoxy resin products used to protect the control electronics in the wind turbines from the harsh, outdoor environments wind turbines are installed in. Contact Epic Resins M-F 8am-5pmCST at 262.495.3400 or 800.242.6649 to begin the process of having our custom epoxy formulation specialists formulate an adhesive specifically for your wind energy application.

From heat cure epoxy resins for wind energy applications to adhesives for bonding fiberglass or epoxy laminate materials used in the manufacture of wind turbine blades, Epic Resins has the epoxy formulation solution for your specific wind energy application. Our experienced technical salespeople will give you the answers and determine the correct polyurethane or epoxy resin product for your wind energy application.

Contact the wind power potting and adhesives materials manufacturers at Epic Resins today for more information on our wide range of superb quality renewable energy epoxies.