Encapsulation Resins vs. Conformal Coatings

PCBs and Electrical Component Protection

Potting Resins vs. Conformal Coatings: Which is right for your Electronics?

Epic Resins has been a leading manufacturer of both polyurethane and epoxy encapsulating resins for decades. Our resins are an excellent solution for protecting fragile electronics from deterioration and failure due to mechanical, chemical and environmental forces. But what about the other options out there?

Conformal coatings are an alternative to potting resins. They're often a spray on solution, providing a thin film of protection against moisture and other contaminants. It can also be applied by dipping or brushing the component with the material. Conformal coatings come in a variety of types, including acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes, and silicones.

So what’s the Difference between Conformal Coatings and Resin-Based Encapsulation Compounds?

Essentially, the main difference between resin-based potting compounds is their performance and level of protection. As such, one may be more suitable than another depending on the application.

Resin Encapsulants

These compounds completely sealsl electronics, making them the ideal solution for environments of elevated exposure and increased mechanical stress. Epic Resin produces a range of polyurethane and epoxy potting compounds, each of which satisfies a comprehensive list of requirements.

These encapsulants and potting materials are more durable than conformal coatings, and can be formulated to a variety of characteristics, from hard opaque compounds to soft clear chemistries.

Conformal Coatings

This protectant has the advantage of having a very low profile. They are an extra thin lightweight coating and are easily re-workable, depending on their chemistry. They also allow for easy inspection of electrical components. The trade-off with such a thin coating is their vulnerability to harsher environments.

Conformal coatings most commonly find their applications in smaller electronics where the added weight of resin encapsulants is undesirable.

Custom Electronic Potting Compounds at Epic Resins

Knowing the environmental challenges your electrical components will face is an essential part of finding its correct protective solution. Our Technical Sales Representatives will work with you as an extension to your engineering team to establish your needs and manufacture the best solution to protect the electrical components for your application.

To develop the best product for your needs, Epic Resins has the ability to simulate conditions in which the compound will be used. Using these techniques and more, our developers help produce the exact product you require.

Contact our Technical Sales Representative team to learn the most appropriate solution for protecting sensitive electronics.