Polyurethane for Spa Filters Manufacturing

Pool and Spa Filter Polyurethanes Provide Sustainable Protection Against Contaminants

Polyurethane resins and adhesives protect pool filters from chemical corrosion, mold, bacteria, algae, and high water temperaturesPools and Spas are breeding grounds for bacteria, algae, and mold. A strong and durable filter is needed to resist these contaminants while weathering the effects of chemicals, high temperatures, and water. Epic Resins carefully crafts potting compounds to withstand tough pool and spa environments. Epic Resins will formulate the right material to match your water filtration manufacturing needs.

3 Benefits of Using Polyurethane Potting Compounds for Pool Filters

Water Resistant

The obvious first requisite for any element to your filtration manufacturing is its ability to resist water. Constant exposure to water will not reduce the effectiveness of our potting compounds designed for pool and spa filtration. Resins such as our Epic S7364 are resistant to water allowing continuous high-level performance for your filter.

Our manufactured antimicrobial pool filter potting compounds will provide complete satisfaction in keeping you worry-free.

Chemical Resistant

In order to maintain a clean pool or spa, chemicals are needed to eliminate all contaminants. Harsh cleaners like pH increaser, pH decreaser, chlorine, and quaternary ammonia are just a few of the chemicals used to keep water sanitized. Epic Resins provides 2-component potting compounds to prevent corrosion from pool cleaning substances while continuously stopping the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Below are a few of the many polyurethane potting compounds Epic Resins produces for pool and spa filtration:

Find out how you benefit from these spa filter potting compounds here.

Heat Resistant

Hot tubs, spas, and temperature-controlled pools require different types of heaters, such as electric, natural gas, propane, or heat pumps. Pool heating is great for relaxation and therapy, but if a filter can’t handle high temperatures, it can warp and cause filter failure.

Despite the rapid-changing temperature of the water, Epic Resins’ heat resistant potting compounds enable spa filters to continue warding off unwanted filth in your pool/spa without being affected by pool heaters.

Potting compounds are essential for any manufacturer designing pool filter cartridges to rival those made by industry leaders. Epic Resins has the ability to custom formulate polyurethane potting compounds PERFECT for your filtration needs. We’ve done the same for manufacturers in many industries including Automotive, LED lighting, and Telecommunications.

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