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This is your ultimate resource guide for epoxy resins, polyurethane adhesives, and electronic potting compounds. Below you will find industrial supply resources, MMD (meter, mix, and dispense) equipment suppliers, sealant equipment, and other resources to help you with your bonding manufacturing projects. You would use our general industrial supply links to help you find the supplemental tools and materials for your epoxy needs.

These include things like drum and pail equipment, solvent removal for cured epoxy and polyurethane, mold release materials, surface treatment products, and much more. The MMD links to companies with equipment for mixing, measuring, and dispensing your polyurethanes and epoxies. Also included are useful publications for the adhesive and sealant manufacturing industry, helping you stay well-informed on the latest industry news. These resources will keep you updated on industry standards for alternative energy, renewable energy, electronic products, solar industry, photovoltaics, and more.

Contact our adhesive and epoxy resin manufacturing experts to help you find the right adhesive solution for your products.

Associates of Epic Resins

Adhesive Tech Support - Epic Resins Manufacturer's Representative in the Greater Chicago, IL area - Integrated solutions provider for Adhesives, Sealants, Encapsulation, Coatings, and associated Dispensing Equipment and Automation needs.

Applegate Materials and Systems - Epic Resins Manufacture's representative in Michigan with over 30 years of experience in the materials, equipment, and component evaluations

Bison Products - Epic Resins Manufacturer's representative located in the Greater St. Louis, MO area servicing southern Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma

Electronic Coating Technologies - Epic Resins Manufacturer's representative with offices in Greater Toronto, Quebec, and Vancouver.  Provides protective materials and application services required by a broad range of electronics industries

Epotech - Epic Resins Manufacturer’s Representative for South Korea

Hile Associates, Inc. - Epic Resins Manufacturer Representative serving Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. Hile Associates services many industries including aerospace, automotive, marine, and the electrical / electronic industry.

iNET-PC - iNET Computers, Inc. in Waukesha for computer hardware and software, onsite support, servers, and business class services in Southeastern Wisconsin.

iNET-WEB - iNET Web Solutions for business. Custom creative genius website development for more profit in your business everyday through the web.

Matrix Technology - Epic Resins Manufacturer's Representative serving Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Summit Sales - Epic Resins Manufacturer representative serving customers and principals in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and New Mexico with years of industry knowledge including medical device manufacturers, high-end electronics companies, and general industry.

TEC Services - Epic Resins Manufacturer’s representative / contract manufacturer

Vitrochem Technology - Epic Resins Manufacturer’s representative serving Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Phillippines.

General Industrial Supply Links

Basco - Drum and pail handling equipment

ConProTec - Static mix tubes and accessories

Dynaloy Industries - Manufacturer of solvents for the removal of cured epoxy and polyurethane

Huron Technologies - Manufacturer of mold release materials (Now part of Chem-Trend)

Indco Mixing Equipment - Drum and pail mixing / dispersing equipment

Lab Safety Supply - Safety supplies and material handling accessories

Pillar Technologies - Manufacturer of surface treatment products

reinhausen plasma - Manufactures plasma treaters, plasma brush PB2

TAH - Disposable mix tubes and accessories

Tridak - Valves and metering accessories

Meter, Mix, and Dispense (MMD) Equipment Suppliers

Adhesive Systems Technology (AST) - MMD equipment manufacturer

Ashby Cross - MMD equipment manufacturer

Bdtronic - MMD equipment manufacturer

Dopag Group - Manufacturer of metering and mixing equipment

ESCO Edge-Sweets - Manufacturer of MMD equipment

EMC 2 Inc. - MMD equipment manufacturer

Exact Dispensing - MMD equipment manufacturer

Fluid Research - MMD equipment manufacturer

Fluidic Systems- MMD equipment manufacturer

Graco / Liquid Control - MMD equipment manufacturer

Hedrich - Manufacturer of vacuum systems

Ipscot Inc. - MMD equipment in Texas

Mahr Metering Systems - MMD equipment manufacturer

PVA - MMD equipment manufacturer

Rook Metering / Michael Engineering Ltd. - Provides MMD equipment for epoxies and polyurethanes

Scheugenpflug - Manufacturer of meter, mix, and dispense equipment

Sealant Equipment - MMD equipment manufacturer


Adhesive and Sealants Industry - Adhesive and Sealants magazine

Alternative Energy eMagazine - Alternative energy news

Assembly Magazine - Assembly Magazine Online

Brushwork Magazine - Online version of Brushwork Magazine

Chemical Week - Online version of Chemical Week magazine

Door & Window Manufacturing Magazine - Online version of DWM Magazine

Electronic Products Magazine - Component and technology news

enerG magazine - Component and technology news

Filtration News - Web version of the magazine serving the filtration and separations industry

Industrial Equipment News - A closer look at new product technologies

Photon Magazine - Online version of print magazine

Power Electronics Technology - Online magazine about the power electronics industry

Renewable Energy World - Renewable energy news

SBC Magazine - Structural building components online magazine

Solar Industry Magazine - Online version of Solar Industry Magazine

Window & Door Magazine - Online version of Window & Door Magazine

Wireless Design Magazine- Online version of Wireless Design Magazine