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Doming Compounds with Flexible Gel Times

Mercury Free, Optically Clear Polyurethane Doming Resins

Epic Resins manufactures a series of optically clear, two component polyurethane doming compounds in a variety of hardnesses levels.  Our doming resin is designed to provide exceptional LED clarity, and strongly bond with each specific surface in an even coating. Flexible and tough for a wide range of situations, the doming resins we create are versatile and aesthetically pleasing. All of Epic Resins doming materials are 100% mercury free and are designed across a range of gel times to give you flexibility in processing.

Contact the LED encapsulant and doming material formulators at Epic Resins today for more information on our wide range of custom produced private label potting and epoxy resin compounds.

Mercury Free Doming

Epic D9940 - Mercury Free Doming Resin Compound

Epic D9940 is a 100% Mercury Free doming compound which is suitable for use on exterior automotive components.  This doming resin flows steadily and smoothly to evenly coat the entire surface, and offers supreme transparency which won’t inhibit LED light. D9940 has been independently tested against a series of automotive specifications.  The 1:1 volumetric ratio makes D9940 conducive to many types of meter mix equipment while the low mixed viscosity allows for good dome height control.

Epic D9960 - 2 Component Urethane Doming Resin Compound

Epic D9960 is a two component urethane doming compound with a convenient 1:1 volumetric mix ratio and relatively fast gel-time of 8 - 15 minutes.  A lower viscosity allows this doming resin to flow smoothly and evenly coat the entire surface. The Epic D9960 doming resin gel provides outstanding transparency for phenomenal LED clarity. Epic D9960 is designed to have a Shore a durometer in the mid-30 range for labels that need to conform to circular radiuses.

Epic D9980 - 2 Component Aliphatic Urethane Doming Resin Casting Compound

Epic D9980 is a rigid, two component aliphatic urethane casting material.  D9980 is doming resin designed to be UV stable and optically clear.  Epic D9980 is designed for applications where rigidity and dimensional stability are key requirements. Epic D9980 is a doming resin which will provide an even, strong surface bond and extensive transparency for uninhibited LED visibility.