Junction Box Potting Compounds for Solar Energy Systems

Solar Power Encapsulation Materials with Polyurethane and Epoxy Resin Compounds

Junction box epoxy resin

When searching for a J-Box encapsulation material, Epic Resins understands the importance in providing a low cost, proven solution. Epic Resins materials withstand all the outdoor elements that solar technology is exposed to. Epic Resins polyurethane and epoxy resin encapsulating compounds keep your products protected from moisture and demonstrate great hydrolytic stability in many different temperature environments.

Our materials are dedicated to keeping the solder joints in the J-box protected. Epic Resins epoxies and polyurethanes adhere to various J-Box case materials better than traditional, expensive silicones.

S7142-01 - 2 Component Polyurethane Potting Compound

Epic S7142-01 is a two component polyurethane potting compound designed for the manufacture of ballast transformers. S7142-01 is recognized by UL as a 94 V-0 product in thicknesses as thin as 2.9mm. S7142-01 has also been designed for good thermal shock and hydrolytic stability and has the option of being cured at ambient or elevated temperatures to facilitate high volume/speed production.

S7253-01 - 2 Component, UL 94V-0 Recognized Polyurethane Compounds

Epic S7253 is a series of two component products, UL 94V-0 recognized polyurethane compounds designed for electronic applications requiring encapsulation. The low weight loss of S7253 series at elevated temperature suggests that this product is suitable for applications that can reach up to 125C. The S7253 series is currently utilized in a variety of applications, including automotive applications that require thermal cycling between -40C and 105C. The S7253 series of products feature good thermal conductivity along with good adhesion to various metals and plastics.The S7253 series of products meets RoHS requirements and can be adjusted to fit the speed of your production lines.

R1074-06/H4030-02 - Premium Fire Retardant Epoxy Potting Compound Recognized UL94 V-0

Epic R1074-06/H4030-02 is a premium fire retardant epoxy potting compound recognized UL94 V-0. With this flame rating R1074-06/H4030-02 carries an RTI rating of 90C. R1074-06/H4030-02 could be considered for use in applications that are thermal cycled between -40C and +105C without issue. R1074-06/H4030-02 also features a long work life and convenient 1:1 mix ratio. R1074-06/H4030-02 is RoHS compliant.

Contact the solar J-box potting compound formulators at Epic Resins today for more information on our superb renewable energy electronics protection materials.