Epic Resins Terms and Conditions

Epic Resins ("Epic") makes available information and materials on this website, subject to the following terms and conditions. By accessing this site, you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in this legal notice. Epic reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice at its sole discretion.

1. ALL SALES FINAL. All sales are final. No goods may be returned by customer without permission of Epic.

2. RETURN OF GOODS. Requests for permission to return goods shall be made within 15 days of Customer’s receipt of the goods referenced on your Epic Invoice. Credit for goods approved for return will be applied to Customer’s account at the invoiced purchase price, less a 15% restocking charge and less any cash discounts taken. All goods must be returned freight prepaid, using the least expensive means of shipping.  At Epic’s sole discretion, goods that are not new, unused and in good condition may not be approved for return.

3. REFUSED SHIPMENTS. Shipments of goods refused by Customer are subject to a restocking charge of 15% of the invoice price plus inspection, shipping and other miscellaneous charges itemized on the invoice referencing the refused shipment.

4. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Published prices are subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise indicated, prices quoted will be adjusted to price in effect at time of shipment. Prices given in price lists include materials having standard domestic packing only. Where packing for overseas shipments is required, refer to Epic for specific pricing.

5. PAYMENT DISCOUNTS. Prompt payment discounts may not be taken for documentation fees, transportation charges, or any other charges which are invoiced in addition to the cost of the goods. All discounts improperly taken will remain charged to the Customer’s account, and Customer will be so notified.

6. LIMITATION OF WARRANTY: Epic warrants its Product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship and to conform with all product specifications.

Epic’s liability is limited to replacement product only. Epic shall not be liable to Customer or any other party for any incidental, consequential or special damages, or any lost profits which may be incurred by Customer or any other party.


7. TAXES. Any sales tax, use tax, or similar taxes, excises or charges which are now or hereafter may be levied, imposed or charged against Epic, whether by Federal, State, Municipal or other public authority, on account of, or upon the sale by Epic to Customer of any of Epic’s goods listed herein, will be added to the applicable prices here in and shall be paid by Customer.

8. DELAYS IN DELIVERY. If Epic suffers delay in performance due to any cause beyond its control, such as an act of God, or act of government, act of omission of Customer, fire, flood, strike or labor dispute, sabotage, delay in obtaining from others suitable services, material, components, or equipment for transportation, the time of performance shall be extended for a period of time equal to the period of the delay and its consequences. Epic shall have no liability to Customer for loss or damage arising out of a delay in performance due to any cause beyond the control of Epic. Epic will give to Customer notice in writing within a reasonable time after Epic becomes aware of any such delay.

9. JURISDICTION AND VENUE. The laws of the State of Wisconsin shall govern the validity, interpretation and enforcement of the contract formed from this Agreement. Venue for any legal proceeding relating to the enforcement of this Agreement shall be Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

10. PAYMENT TERMS. Terms of payment shall be set forth on the Epic Invoice. Invoices shall be dated on the date of shipment, unless other terms are specified. A fee equal to 4% of the invoice price will be levied on all payments made using credit, or purchasing cards. All payments shall be made in U.S. Dollars and pro-rata payments shall be due as shipments are made. If a shipment is delayed by Customer for reasons referenced above, the date of readiness for the shipment shall be date of shipment for payment purposes. If Epic is delayed by Customer as referenced above, a payment shall be made based on the purchase price and percentage of completion at the time of such delay and the balance shall be payable in accordance with the terms as stated herein. If payments are not made in conformity with the above, the contract price shall, without prejudice to Epic’s right to immediate payment, be increased by one and one-half per cent (1.5 %) per month of the unpaid balance, unless a lesser interest percentage is required by State law. Customer agrees to pay any and all attorney’s fees and court costs should attorneys be utilized, or court proceedings initiated, to collect any past due amounts arising out of this Agreement and any other obligations due hereunder.