Epoxy Resin and Polyurethanes for Separation Filters

Compounds used in filters required to separate contaminants from various grades of oil and gasoline, greases, and coolants must be chemically resistant and maintain adhesive qualities in harsh environments. Choose from hundreds of epoxy resin and polyurethane adhesive, potting and casting compounds to meet exact specifications for the processing of chemically resistant filters. Our epoxy and polyurethane filter adhesives bond tightly to your end cap, ensuring no fluid bypass. Products ranging from low viscosity, optimal wicking polyurethanes to epoxy resins with virtually no wicking allow you to choose a material for your needs. We also offer a line of seam sealing epoxy resin and polyurethane filter adhesives.

While we have standard products for the filtration industry, we are constantly formulating new products. We specialize in tailored epoxy resins and polyurethanes for diverse markets and partner with you to design cost-effective solutions.

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End-Cap Adhesives, Moldable End-Caps and Seam Sealing Compounds for Separation Filters:

Epic 0161 is a filled, medium viscosity one-component epoxy resin filter adhesive suited for harsh filtration environments with exposure to items such as aviation fuels, Skydrol(R), gasoline and other hydraulic fluids. Epic 0161 processes in less than 30 minutes at 175C and possesses great shelf stability in a one-component epoxy adhesive/potting compound..

Epic 0172 is a one-component epoxy casting material with thermal shock and chemical resistance as well as good adhesion to most endcaps. Epic 0172 performs in filtration applications with temperatures from -40C to 400F. Use for a demanding application with a wide temperature range.

Epic S7136 is a two-component epoxy potting/casting compound designed for applications requiring low water absorption, chemical resistance and thermal conductivity. When cured for 1 hour @100C, Epic S7136 has outstanding chemical resistance and shows no physical breakdowns after a 1-year soak in methylene chloride. Has 5 minute process time when cured at elevated temperatures. Suited for gasoline, hydraulic fluids, and oils filtration applications at elevated temperatures.

Epic S7189-01 is a two-component epoxy adhesive designed specifically for filter end caps. Features controlled wicking, good chemical resistance, and fast cure rates. 3:1 mix ratio by volume and non-abrasive filler are suited for meter-mix dispense applications.

Epic S7289 is a two-component 100% reactive epoxy adhesive for automotive filters. Designed to bond to cadmium coated steel and adhere to different metal substrates. S7289 has good chemical resistance to most automotive fluids including coolants and lubricants.

Epic S7292 is a bright white two-component epoxy filter adhesive able to maintain hardness at 200F. Offers good chemical resistance and bonds to most end cap materials. Used in applications to filter aviation fuels and petroleum-based oils and lubricants.

Epic S7381 is a high hardness polyurethane casting material used for filter end cap applications. Rapid cure allows for fast processing of chemically resistant end caps. Gel time can be adjusted to suit your production requirements. Epic S7381 filter adhesive is available in various colors.

Epic S7452 is a two-component urethane filter adhesive/sealant designed to have a convenient 4:1 volumetric mix ratio and be self-leveling when mixed. Features adhesion to various substrates and a short gel time for fast turnover of parts. Performs well when exposed to harsh bio-diesel fuel.

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Epic S7465 is a two component epoxy adhesive. It is a more thixotropic version of S7292, featuring a 4:1 volumetric mix ratio. It is designed for filters that will be used in applications that operate at 300 - 350˚F.

Epic S7613 is a two-component heat cure epoxy designed to withstand high-temperature environments and demonstrate a high Tg above 190°C. Features excellent adhesion to various substrates, good chemical resistance and has a 12-month shef life at 25°C. Performs well in high-temperature filtration applications.

Epic S7452 is a two-component polyurethane designed with a proprietary blend of fillers to dissipate a static charge in jet fuel filtration applications. Features excellent chemical resistance, good high-temperature properties and excellent adhesion to various substrates. Performs well used in jet fuel or high-temperature filtration.

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Our seasoned chemists develop adhesive, potting and casting formulation for your separation filter application needs. We'll work with you to adjust current formulas or develop a new product to meet your requirements. Our products are tested to endure environmental stresses and delivered with short lead times, improving the filtration industry one polymer at a time.

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