Electronic Potting

We supply versatile potting compounds designed to protect sensitive electronics and PCB's from environmental and chemical stresses. Our selection of low-cost epoxy and polyurethane formulations is unmatched, giving OEMs the ability to spec the perfect potting resin for any application.

Types of potting applications:

Electronic Potting & Encapsulating Compounds

Electronic potting compounds are designed to insulate and protect electronic components from the application and environmental stresses. Epic Resins carries a comprehensive selection of one- and two-part epoxy and polyurethane compounds to meet the most demanding specifications.

If your material needs excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, impact and other common environmental hazards, we have a potting or encapsulating material for you. Our electronic potting and encapsulating compounds are formulated for high performance in nearly any application.

Our encapsulant formulations are completely solvent-free, making them suitable for preserving sensitive components. Once the liquid is poured over your electronic application or circuit board, the formulation cures and permanently protects fragile electrical components. Many of our potting materials are UL rated and certified. Our potting compounds and electronic encapsulants can also be removed if repairs or modifications are needed.

Your exact specifications can be used for our chemists and developers to create custom formulations to fit your application needs. Custom formulations can help you achieve a range of properties, including strength, temperature, cure speed, and color to insulate and protect against moisture, corrosion, humidity and other damaging environments. All custom compounds are extensively tested to ensure your material is capable of handling whatever stresses it encounters.

Why Choose Epic for formulation, manufacture & supply?

Epic Resins has decades of experience in epoxy and polyurethane resins. We will work directly with you to recommend or develop formulations with the specific characteristics your product requires. With our advanced testing procedures, formulations and fast turnaround times, you're sure to find what you need with us.

Advantages of Epic’s Polyurethane Potting Compounds

Top-of-the-line electronic potting and encapsulating compounds by Epic Resins are formulated for consistent material performance, with excellent dielectric properties, electrical insulation resistance, thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength, adhesion, hardness, cure speed, and chemical resistance.

What Makes our Polyurethane Potting Compounds Right for Your Products?

No matter the application, Epic Resin’s polyurethane potting compounds deliver peak performance under stressful situations and in extreme environments. Our potting compound formulations have proven their worth in quality and durability for a wide variety of industries. Check out how we serve different industries.

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Additional Services

Ask our formulation experts for material recommendations for your application. Don’t see what you need? We offer custom epoxy and polyurethane formulations. These made-to-order adhesives, potting compounds and encapsulants are carefully formulated by our resin chemists to meet your exact specifications.

Custom formulations are designed for specific:

  • Operating temperature range parameters
  • Chemical resistance
  • Environmental tensions
  • Cure schedules
  • Surface preparation requirements
  • Thermal shock properties
  • Bond strength
  • Surface adhesion requirements
  • Materials
  • Viscosity

Industries Served: