Enhancing Filtration Solutions: Epic Resins' Moldable End-Cap & Filter Adhesives

Epoxies and Polyurethanes for the Filtration Industry

Within the diverse world of filtration technology, Epic Resins is a leader in providing specialized adhesives, seam sealing, and moldable end-capsolutions tailored to a variety of applications. Our expertise spans air & HEPA filters, pool & spa filters, oil & gas filters, and more.

Advanced Adhesives for Filter Assembly

Our cutting-edge adhesives ensure superior bonding to various substrates within filters, including molded end-caps, side seams, and even robust filter adhesives by automotive OEMs. Resistant to chemicals and temperature extremes and offering lasting durability, we have a solution to your filtration adhesive problem.

Innovative Resins for Moldable Filter End-Caps

Epic Resins' epoxy and polyurethane materials for molded end-cap solutions offer both tear resistance and tensile strength, ensuring filters can withstand demanding environments and continue performing at their peak.

The Role of Polymers in Filtration Systems

In the filtration industry, polyurethanes and epoxy resins are instrumental in the structural integrity of filters. These polymers can enhance the durability of the filter housing and ensure the filter media remains securely in place, while also being used as molded end caps. Epoxies and polyurethanes are used in both potting end-caps and bonding filter materials to maintain physical integrity.

Benefits of integrating a quality epoxy resin or polyurethane filtration material:

  • Enhanced leak resistance
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Protection against chemical degradation
  • Extended filter lifespan

Polymers Optimized for Filtration Applications

Epic Resins delivers epoxy and polyurethane solutions that are formulated for the filtration sector. Noteworthy features include:

  • Bacterial Inhibition Specially treated to inhibit mold, mildew & bacteria growth.
  • Various Hardness Choose from mid-Shore A to high-Shore D options.
  • Production Efficiencies Quick cure times and product consistency.
  • Chemical Resistance Protection against various contaminants.
  • Temperature Resilience Ensuring performance in extreme temperatures.

Comprehensive Solutions Across Filtration Segments

Whether it's the delicate intricacies of pool and spa filters or the rigorous demands of industrial separation filters, Epic Resins offers tailored solutions. Our expertise in filtration technology caters to a variety of needs.

Pool & Spa Filter Solutions

Our range includes specialized adhesives and end-cap potting materials crafted for pool & spa filters. Whether you’re looking for a resin with a fast cure time, a rapid production cycle time, chemical resistance, bacterial inhibition, or insolubility, our chemical engineers have your customized solution. The possibilities for pool and spa applications are only limited to your requirements.

Air & HEPA Filtration Solutions

We design products to endure shock, vibration, and temperature extremes in automobiles, industrial settings, homes, and more. Our experts partner with you to increase your production efficiencies by manufacturing air filter adhesives and end cap products with better consistency and quicker cure time. Air-tight bonding is essential for a properly functioning HEPA filtration system. We specialize in formulating durable adhesives to withstand harsh environments. Our polymer products don’t require preheating and have excellent flow and adhesive qualities. We produce HEPA polyurethane adhesives strong enough to withstand rough handling without cracking or tearing and polyurethanes for seam sealing applications.

Oil & Gas Filtration Solutions

Our expertise extends to automotive filters, ensuring durability, heat resistance, and compatibility. Compounds used in filters required to separate contaminants from various grades of oil and gasoline, greases, and coolants must be chemically resistant and maintain adhesive qualities in harsh environments.

Popular Adhesive, Sealant, & Coating Formulations For The Filtration Industry

ToughPleat is a two-component polyurethane series for demanding molded filter end cap applications. This formulation is excellent for filters subjected to constant pulsing and/or pressure drops. High tear resistance prevents the filter from being damaged in the installation or removal process.

Features Include: High tensile strength, High elongation, Excellent tear resistance, Easy to dispense, Reduced WIP time

Epic R1097/H5122 is a two-component polyurethane compound that is designed for pool filter end caps. R1097/H5122 features good hydrolytic stability and chlorine resistance.

EPIC R1098/H5122 is a two-component urethane formulation designed for use in filter end cap applications. R1098/H5122 features a fast cure for fast manufacturing cycle times.

The Epic S7463 series is a two-component polyurethane with a convenient 4:1 volumetric mix ratio and self-leveling viscosity. The S7463 series adheres to many plastic and metal substrates and is a great plastisol substitute.

Mixed Viscosity Application Dependent
Hardness 95 – 100 Shore A
Application End-Cap Adhesives

Partner With Epic Resins For Polymer Filtration Solutions

Epic Resins isn’t just a supplier; we are your strategic partner. We can help solve your filtration challenges with our deep insights, expert guidance, and tailored solutions. Engage with our team and set your filtration projects on a path of excellence and distinction.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What filtration solutions does Epic Resins offer?

Epic Resins provides specialized adhesive and moldable end-cap polymer solutions tailored for various filtration applications, including pool & spa, air & HEPA, oil & gas filtration, and more.

How do Epic Resins' adhesives contribute to filter assembly?

Epic Resins' advanced adhesives ensure robust and reliable bonding to filter substrates. These adhesives are formulated to offer excellent chemical resistance and durability, suitable for both intricate HEPA filters and heavy-duty industrial applications.

Can Epic Resins provide solutions for pool filters?

Yes, Epic Resins offers polymers specifically designed to provide impact resistance, chemical protection, and bacterial insolubility. These solutions are designed to be easy to process due to outstanding consistency.

How does Epic Resins cater to the automotive filtration market?

Epic Resins provides adhesives and end-cap solutions for automotive filters that offer enhanced durability, heat resistance, and compatibility with various automotive fluids, meeting the unique demands of the automotive industry.

How is Epic Resins contributing to the future of filtration technology?

As filtration technology continues to advance, Epic Resins remains at the forefront of innovation, aligning its solutions with emerging trends and technologies to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

How can I collaborate with Epic Resins for my filtration needs?

You can contact Epic Resins' team of experts for insights, tailored solutions, and collaborative development. We stand ready to provide support and assist you in achieving success in your specific filtration applications.

Does Epic Resins offer solutions for air filtration systems?

Yes, Epic Resins engineers products specifically for air filtration systems, offering air-tight bonding and exceptional resistance to shock, vibration and temperature extremes in auto, industrial, and home environments.