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The polymer formulators at Epic Resins have developed an innovative line of polyurethane edge molding formulas for tabletop manufacturing. The edge molding polyurethane is dispensed into a mold which fits around the table top and cures in place, leaving a seamless urethane table edging around the perimeter of the table top when the mold is removed. These easy to use edge molding compounds can be pigmented by the user to create any desired color.

Epic Resins' urethane edge molding products are as durable as they are decorative, providing protection for the edge of the laminate and any items coming into contact with the molded polyurethane table edging. Table edge molding polyurethane cure times can be adjusted to fit your manufacturing needs, and our emphasis on customer service enables our clients to streamline their manufacturing production process.

Epic Resins has decades of experience in specialty epoxy and polyurethane resins for a wide range of applications. Below are just two examples of the types of high-quality polyurethane edge molding products Epic Resins manufactures.

Resins for Table Edge Molding

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Epic RM2013

Epic RM2013 is a low viscosity (about 1,700 cP) edge molding polyurethane elastomer with a Shore hardness of 80A (medium soft rating). Its hardness rating is in line with that of a leather belt, the sole of a shoe, and tupperware. The tensile modulus is approximately 500.9 PSI (3,453 kPa). The A scale on Shore hardness indicates a flexible material. Epic RM2013 can be penetrated with some serious effort, and is still soft enough to allow molding. This elastomer boasts a quick gel time of between 1.5 and 3.5 minutes, allowing for swift de-mold times and rapid part changeovers. This also provides original equipment manufacturers (OEM) a more malleable production schedule, making their manufacturing process easier.

Epic RM2014

Epic RM2014 is a low viscosity (about 2,000 cP) polyurethane elastomer used in the manufacture of edge molded table tops. With a Shore hardness of 65A (soft rating), this edge molding polyurethane is a great choice where the end user would like a softer feel to the edge mold yet needs assurance of its ability to properly protect the covered surface from anything coming into contact. Shore A scale denotes a flexible polyurethane. The 65A rating puts the Epic RM2014 in the same category as car tires and rubber bands, and just below the common hardness of 70A. Its tensile modulus is approximately 352.1.

Polyurethane Edge Molding

Quality Edge Molding Resins, Quality Service

Our epoxy formulation specialists work diligently to meet both our clients’ needs and their timelines. To keep up with demand, we’ve added manufacturing equipment to expand our epoxy resin production capacity five-fold. Our custom epoxy formulations and polyurethane resins are used for a wide range of counter and table applications, including countertop coating and edge molding.

We have expert polyurethane formulation chemists on staff to ensure you get the perfect countertop edge moldings for your unique needs. From polyurethane countertops to custom epoxy resins and electronic potting compounds, Epic Resins has earned recognition as the leading manufacturer of epoxy resin in our industry.

Why Epic Resins?

Custom Edge Moldings

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Epic Resins epoxy resin formulations and applications

Epoxy Resin Materials

  • 1 component
  • 2 component
  • Polyurethane potting compounds
  • Electrical potting compounds
  • Thixotropic epoxy compounds
  • Anhydride cure
  • Battery potting compounds
  • Adhesives and bonding materials
  • Polyurethane elastomer
  • Flame Retardant Polyurethane
  • Electronic encapsulation
  • Low hardness polyurethane
  • Aliphatic polyurethane compound
  • UL-Recognized potting compound
  • Thermally conductive epoxy

Benefits of polyurethanes over silicone potting

  • Lower cost of materials results in a more economical polymer
  • Better bond strength to substrates and cases
  • Durable and efficient in optimal operating temperatures range
    • Low temperature: -60°
    • High temperature: 150°C
  • Higher chemical resistance to more chemical compounds
  • Reduced water vapor permeability increases water-resistance of sensitive components
  • More flexible formulation allows polyurethanes to be formulated soft or rigid
  • More strength, elongation, and abrasion resistance
  • Reduced outgassing from material
separation and air filter adhesives