Custom Epoxy & Polyurethane Compounds Encapsulants

The perfect battery pack encapsulant or potting compound depends on your application’s needs. Our experts partner with you to recommend products or develop solutions fit for your specifications. We offer battery pack epoxy resins and polyurethanes for:

  • General Industrial Applications
  • Power Tools
  • Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electrical vehicle batteries face unique challenges: managing thermal conductivity, mitigating thermal runaway propagation, and performing in extreme temperatures (high and low).

We offer a line of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognized products, safe for elevated temperature environments. Your battery pack is better able to withstand the stresses of high operating temperatures with our high quality potting and encapsulating compounds.

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Battery Pack Potting Compound Advantages:

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Battery Pack Potting and Encapsulating Compound Include:

Epic S7253-01 is a two component, UL 94 V-0 recognized polyurethane compound designed for electronic applications requiring encapsulation. The low weight loss of S7253-01 at elevated temperature suggests this product is suitable for applications that can reach up to 125°C. This material is currently utilized in a variety of applications, including automotive, that require thermal cycling between -40°C and 85°C. It features good thermal conductivity along with good adhesion to various metals and plastics. S7253-01 has been tested and meets ROHS requirements.

Epic RM2018 is a two-component polyurethane potting and encapsulating compound that carries a UL94 V-0 flammability rating. RM2018 is designed for potting DC/DC converters, GPS sensors, and other electronic devices that require flexibility over a wide temperature range. It is designed to operate from -40C to 130C. RM2018 also features a convenient 4:1 volumetric mix ratio, low Tg and excellent electrical stability over various frequencies.

Epic RM17A5302 is a two component polyurethane potting compound designed as a soft thixotropic material for holding large electrical components in place. RM17A5302 is formulated with a convenient 2:1 by volume mix ratio and fast cure.

Epic S7242 is a two component epoxy potting and casting compound. This product features a low coefficient of thermal expansion, can be hand or meter-mix dispensed, and is non-abrasive.

Epic S7475 is a two-component polyurethane compound for potting electronic control modules and a wide variety of electronic devices. Low mixed viscosity allows the material to flow into intricate areas under printed circuit boards and other tight tolerance areas. A 4:1 mix ratio allows the system to be very adaptable for meter mix and dispense processing. The very low hardness of S7475 in combination with the low Tg provides excellent flexibility, allowing delicate surface-mounted devices to expand and contract during thermal cycling and thermal shock. For applications that generate high heat, S7475 has shown extremely low weight loss at 130°C. It is UL 94 V-0 recognized at 4.8 mm and is RoHS compliant.

Epic S7527 is a two component polyurethane potting compound formulated for applications requiring thermal stability at high temperatures. S7527 carries a UL 94V-0 flame rating and a 150°C RTI rating per UL 746. Epic S7527 is excellent for potting and encapsulating sensitive electronics which will be exposed to harsh environments.

Epic S7593 is a two component polyurethane encapsulant that is thermally conductivity and self-leveling. S7593 is designed to have a high thermal conductivity, 94-V0 at 1/2" and long pot life for ease of manufacturing. S7593 will require a unique process and mixing equipment for use.

Formulating Your Battery Pack Encapsulants & Potting Compounds

Your specialized battery pack design may require potting materials with unique properties. Our in-house formulators can adapt our existing materials to meet your needs or create a compound to match your product specifications. We formulate the highest-performing potting compounds to spec in our state-of-the-art development and testing laboratories.

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