Panel Bonding Adhesives and other Solar Energy Solutions

We specialize in the formulation of adhesives, potting and encapsulating products for optimal thermal management in solar applications. Our epoxy and polyurethane materials offer low cost alternative chemistry that can replace expensive silicone.

Solar Battery Potting Compounds

Epoxy and Polyurethane Potting Materials for Solar Battery Systems

When choosing a potting material for your battery or battery system, requirements vary depending on the technology. We have experience in a wide range of battery technologies, systems and battery configurations. Our technical sales team will work with you to determine the most cost-effective solution for your particular needs.

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Solar battery epoxy encapsulant with exceptional thermal conductivity

UL-Recognized Resins for Solar Battery Packs

Solar battery systems require resins able to withstand the stresses of high operating temperatures. We offer an entire line of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognized compounds for use in these elevated temperature environments common in the solar energy industry. With characteristics like low-mixed viscosity, minimum high-temperature weight loss and longer gel times, we have the temperature resilient resin solution for your solar power components.

Popular Solar Battery Compounds:

Epic S7253 series products are two-component, UL 94V-0 recognized polyurethane compounds designed for electronic applications requiring encapsulation. The low weight loss of S7253 series at elevated temperature suggests this product is suitable for applications that can reach up to 125°C. This series is currently utilized in a variety of applications, including automotive applications that require thermal cycling between -40°C and 85°C. The S7253 series of products feature good thermal conductivity and good adhesion to metals and plastics. The S7253 series meets RoHS requirements.

Epic S7302 is a tough urethane material designed for electronic potting applications. The chemistry of S7302 lends itself well to products that are exposed to a wide range of temperatures. S7302 is adequate for applications that are thermal cycled between -40°C and 135°C with excursions up to 160°C. S7302 also features good moisture resistance and good adhesion to various metals and plastics.

Solar Micro-inverter Compounds

Epoxy Resins and Polyurethanes for Solar Micro-Inverters

Thermally conductive polyurethane and epoxy potting products help dissipate the heat generated in today's smaller micro-inverters. We offer a full line of epoxy resins and polyurethanes to meet the demanding needs of balance of systems (BOS) component manufacturers, such as micro-inverter manufacturers and maximum power point tracker (MPPT) manufacturers.

Popular Micro-inverter Compounds:

Epic S7457 is a two-component polyurethane encapsulating compound for electronic potting applications. S7457 is a higher durometer version of S7456, allowing it to be used in applications where parts are cast, thereby eliminating the need for a case. It is an excellent choice for applications that are subject to extreme temperature cycles, handling temperatures ranging from -50°C to 130°C. S7457 combines high thermal conductivity with a viscosity which allows the material to flow into tight tolerance locations. S7457 adheres well to a wide variety of case materials, ranging from ABS to aluminum, including anodized aluminum. S7457 is designed to pass UL 94 V-0, as well as meet RoHS requirements.

Epic S7202-03 is a blue, two-component, RoHS compliant polyurethane series designed for electrical potting applications. This series of products is formulated with various gel times to accommodate your specific manufacturing needs. S7202-03 is UL recognized 94V-0 with a fire retardancy at 5.7 mm. The S7202 series of products also boasts a UL RTI rating of 90°C.

Solar panel junction box compounds

Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane Compounds for Junction Box Encapsulation

When it comes to junction box (J-box) encapsulation materials, we understand the importance of providing a low cost, proven solution. The polyurethane and epoxy resins we formulate keep your products protected from moisture and demonstrate great hydrolytic stability in many different temperature environments. Our materials are dedicated to keeping the solder joints in the J-box protected and adhere to J-Box case materials better than traditional, expensive silicones.

Junction box epoxy resin

Popular Junction Box Compounds:

Epic S7142-01 is a two-component polyurethane potting compound designed for the manufacture of ballast transformers. S7142-01 is recognized by UL as a 94 V-0 product in thicknesses as thin as 2.9mm. It has also been designed for good thermal shock and hydrolytic stability and has the option of being cured at ambient or elevated temperatures to facilitate high volume/speed production.

Epic R1074-06/H4030-02 is a premium fire-retardant epoxy potting compound recognized UL94 V-0. With this flame rating, R1074-06/H4030-02 carries an RTI rating of 90°C. This epoxy could be considered for use in applications that are thermal cycled between -40°C and +105°C without issue. It also features a long work life, convenient 1:1 mix ratio and is RoHS compliant.

Epic S7253 is a series of two-component products, UL 94V-0 recognized polyurethane compounds designed for electronic applications requiring encapsulation. It’s low weight loss at elevated temperature suggests that this product is suitable for applications that can reach up to 125°C. The S7253 series is currently utilized in a variety of applications, including automotive applications that require thermal cycling between -40°C and 105°C. This series of products feature good thermal conductivity along with good adhesion to various metals and plastics. The S7253 series meets RoHS requirements and can be adjusted to fit the speed of your production lines.

Solar panel charge controller compounds

Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane Compounds Charge Controllers

Our technical sales team understands the importance of selecting the proper product to meet the demands of your solar application. With a large number of UL approved materials designed to withstand various harsh, outdoor environments, we can help you to meet your high temperature/high voltage requirements. Our line of potting compounds to perfectly fit the protective needs of electronics in the solar energy industry.

UL 94 V-O Polybutadiene Resin Potting Compound

Popular Charge Controller Compounds:

Epic S7285-02 is a two-component polyurethane compound for potting electronic control modules (ECMs). The low mixed viscosity of S7285-02 allows the material to flow into intricate places under printed circuit boards and other tight tolerance areas in a wide variety of electronic devices. Another key property of this product is the 4:1 by volume mix ratio that makes the system very adaptable to meter mix and dispenses applications. Offering a hardness of Shore OO = 50-65, the S7285-02 provides excellent flexibility, therefore allowing delicate surface mounted devices (SMDs) to expand and contract during thermal shocks and thermal cycling.

For applications that generate a great deal of heat, S7285-02 has shown extremely low weight loss at 130°C - 0.24% after 168 hours. S7285-02 is UL 94 V-0 recognized at 4.8 mm and is RoHS compliant.

Epic S7351 is a two-component, room temperature cure, polybutadiene based polyurethane. It was specifically formulated for electronic modules and is also an excellent candidate for electronic control modules (ECMs). Due to its low hardness and flexibility, S7351 will not exert stress on delicate surface mounted devices (SMDs) on printed circuit boards (PCBs) when exposed to extreme thermal cycling typical of outdoor electronics applications.

S7351 is an excellent alternative to rigid systems that do not allow expansion and contraction of delicate components, causing failures. Also, due to the polybutadiene chemistry used in this formula, the product provides excellent high-temperature properties up to 125°C and much-improved chemical resistance.

Epic S7458 is a two-component polyurethane potting compound designed for electronic potting applications. S7458 was formulated as a cost-effective potting compound for applications requiring a low Tg, thermal cycling resistance, convenient 4:1 volumetric mix ratio, low weight loss at 130°C and is designed to pass UL 94 V-0 at 1/4 inch.

Solar Photovoltaic Cell Manufacturing Compounds

We manufacture resins designed specifically for superior adhesion to photovoltaic (PV) cells. We have a wide variety of solar panel materials, from quick-curing adhesives for attaching the junction box to the PV panel to two-component aliphatic polyurethane compounds with exceptional UV resistance. We also custom formulate adhesives for a wide range of applications.

Adhesives eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners, such as U-bolts and screws, and completely remove the stress points caused by these fasteners. By using our solar panel adhesives instead of mechanical fasteners, the need for constant maintenance and replacement inventory, along with the installation costs, is greatly reduced. Our adhesives can be used not only for assembly of photovoltaic panels but also for attaching the panel frames to the mounting racks.

Solar panel bonding adhesives for photovoltaic cells

Compounds for Photovoltaic Cells:

Epic S7469 is a two-component urethane adhesive designed to provide superior adhesion to a variety of thermoplastic substrates. It is designed with a fast gel/cure time and a convenient 1:1 by volume mix ratio. This product is especially useful when you need a quick curing adhesive for attaching the junction box to the PV panel.

Epic S7459 is a two-component, thixotropic polyurethane adhesive. It possesses a gel time under 10 minutes and adheres well to a variety of metal and plastic substrates, including ABS. S7459 works well with both automated meter mix equipment or handheld dispensers. It works well as both an adhesive and a sealant for PV panel frames.

Epic D9960 is a two-component aliphatic polyurethane compound with a convenient 1:1 volumetric mix ratio. It is designed to have a Shore A durometer in the mid 30 range to allow for use as a gasket material. Being an aliphatic polyurethane, D9960 has exceptional UV resistance.

Custom Formulations for your Solar Power Product

We have decades of experience as a resin formulator and manufacturer. Our technicians dig deep into the requirements of your component, testing your resin formulation in environmental simulations to ensure the product will operate efficiently and safely. We consider the application method of your resin, as well as the end purpose to give you a potting compound or adhesive that is as simple to use as possible, all while maintaining the industry-leading quality we're known for.

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