OEM Potting Compound and Adhesives Case Studies

Polyurethane Potting Compound and Epoxy Adhesive Solutions

Polyurethane potting compounds covering electronic devices for added protection and durabilityEpic Resins specializes in bonding adhesives for electronics potting, filtration applications, LED encapsulants, alternative energy applications, and countless more industrial and commercial uses. If we don't have just the right adhesive for your need, we can custom formulate one for your specific manufacturing applications.

Our epoxy adhesive formulations have been used to bond divergent materials of all types, including metal and plastic. They are strong enough to withstand high pressures and temperatures ranging from extreme cold to extreme heat. Some manufacturers require their polyurethane adhesives to be rigid and hard, while others need it to be softer and more flexible. Epic Resins custom formulates adhesives to perform in a wide range of environmental conditions and to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Whether you need a potting compound for renewable energy solar panels or an epoxy adhesive for air filters, auto parts, or electronic appliances, we have a solution for you. The case studies below demonstrate how other companies have used our electronics potting compounds, and polyurethane and epoxy adhesives for their unique OEM product needs. We also offer useful epoxy resin news and tips regarding our industry and products.

Case Studies

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