Filter End Cap Bonding Solution for Overseas Home Appliance OEM

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After experiencing some issues with adhesion from their current materials supplier, an England based home appliance OEM was in need of an epoxy/polyurethane formulator able to provide local technical support as well as an adhesion solution for their filter end cap bonding issues. Seeking a reputable formulator with exceptional credentials and outstanding support, the overseas OEM partnered with Epic Resins.

Faced with adhesion issues when applied on low surface energy plastic, the Epic Resins technical team began evaluating the problem. With a vast understanding of the specific industry requirements and a knowledge of the manufactured product, Epic resolved the adhesion and sealing issue this customer faced. Epic delivered a custom formulated polyurethane filter end cap adhesive with high quality bonding, outstanding performance and exceptional reliability for their application.

Epic Adhesive Solutions for Home Appliances

Headquartered in England with manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China, this home appliance manufacturer was in need of a strong, local network of technical sales engineers to support its team of contract manufacturers regionally. Epic delivers real-time contact with their team of engineers and provides local technical and logistic support from Asia, exceeding this overseas manufacturer’s needs.

Epic Resins formed a long-term business partnership with this home appliance OEM by offering continued technical support and working closely on new product development.

Quality Customer Support for Overseas Companies

The Epic Resins team works closely with OEM's and equipment suppliers throughout the entire process, ensuring success. No matter what your application, Epic Resins can custom formulate polyurethane or epoxy compounds to meet your exact adhesion and bonding needs.

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