Electrical Potting Compounds for Coil Assemblies and Automotive Parts

Coil Potting Compounds for Exceptional Insulation

Epic Resins has a complete line of epoxy resin polyurethane electrical potting and encapsulating compounds designed to have superior electrical insulating properties for coils. When potting electronics, superior resistance to environmental factors is as critical as exceptional insulation of electronic components. On both counts, Epic Resins leads the industry.

Along with decades of experience developing specialty epoxy and polyurethane resins, Epic Resins brings a customer-centric focus to all our work. Our expertise and extensive inventory of epoxy resins provide clients the opportunity to get cost-effective custom formulations for their specific needs. Our potting material offers supreme resistance to chemicals, wear, moisture and other hazards, while our encapsulants come in a wide range of viscosities specially designed for difficult to impregnate coil assemblies.

Below are just a few examples of our electrical potting compounds currently being used by the automotive industry to protect ignition coils and ensure smooth engine start-ups.

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Epic S7368 - 2 Component Polyurethane Potting Compound

2-component polyurethane for under the automotive hood

Epic S7368 is a low hardness, low viscosity polyurethane electrical potting compound. Powerful, durable potting material, Epic S7368 offers premium resistance to corrosive and environmental hazards, while providing substantial electrical insulation. S7368 is a two-component, polybutadiene-based urethane material useful in applications requiring a long pot life while possessing excellent high-temperature performance.

Epic 0156 - 2-Component Urethane Potting Compound

Epic 0156 is a single component 100% solids epoxy resin potting compounds designed for impregnation of coils, transformers, motors and other electrical items needing insulation. The epoxy potting material also provides outstanding protection from vibration and corrosive agents, which can damage electrical components. This epoxy encapsulate has outstanding shelf stability, low viscosity, and good electrical properties.

Epic S7214 - 2-Component Polyurethane/Casting Compound

Polyurethane cast for clutch coil with dark green casting

Epic S7214is a two-component polyurethane potting/casting compound. S7214 has been designed with a fast gel time and rapid hardness development. Epic S7214 potting material has extraordinary electrical insulation properties combined with advanced protection against corrosive elements and vibration. This polyurethane potting compound has been formulated for applications where excellent chemical resistance at ambient and elevated temperatures is an important design criterion. When mixed, S7214 results in dark green colored castings.

Epic S7230 - 2-Component Epoxy Resin Potting Material

automotive ignition coil encapsulant

Epic S7230 is a medium viscosity, two-component epoxy resin system designed for potting or encapsulation of electrical components. Designed for high voltage coils, this potting material is impervious to vibration and shock, and protects from moisture and other corrosive elements. Epic S7230 is a potting compound with exceptional electrical insulation and thermal management properties for increased coil life and performance. S7230 features nonabrasive fillers, convenient 2:1 mix ratio and improved resistance to thermal shock.

Epic R3521/H5094 - 2-Component Epoxy Potting Compound

Epoxy potting compound for ignition transformer

Epic R3521/H5094 is a black two-component epoxy potting compound. Epic R3521/H5094 features a convenient 1:1 mix ratio, low viscosity, and ambient temperature cure. Epic R3521/H5094 is designed for heavy-duty potting electronics, and this potting compound allows for high electrical insulation with extensive protection from environmental hazards. Epic R3521/H5094 has been developed as a production-friendly, room temperature cure electrical potting compound for the impregnation of high voltage coils.

Epic S7318 - 2-Component Urethane Potting Compound

Polyurethane cast for clutch coil with dark green casting

Epic S7318 is a two-component urethane potting compound designed for high voltage ignition coils. Epic S7318 features low hardness, low mixed viscosity, and a long pot life at room temperature. Epic S7318 potting material allows for outstanding electrical insulation and thermal management while providing protection from corrosion and other environmental factors. S7318 offers excellent performance over a wide temperature range and is especially suited for under-the-hood automotive applications.

Custom Automotive Electronics Potting Material and Encapsulants

Epoxy Castings for Ignition Coils

We formulate a range of epoxy encapsulation compounds suitable for automotive ignition coils. Our chemists produce epoxy resins with a variety of curing temperatures and times to meet your insulation and moisture protection requirements. If you need a custom ignition coil casting formulation, we'll work with you to come up with the right mixture of curers and hardeners to make a copolymer with maximum performance.

Made-to-Order Potting Resin Formulations

Epic Resins is fully equipped to develop and manufacture unique resin formulas for use in virtually any application. Our technicians will help assess your resin needs and craft a custom solution for your electronics potting or encapsulation application. You'll get a fully tested product created with your specific application in mind.

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Epic Resins epoxy resin formulations and applications

Epoxy Resin Materials

  • 1 component
  • 2 component
  • Polyurethane potting compounds
  • Electrical potting compounds
  • Thixotropic epoxy compounds
  • Anhydride cure
  • Battery potting compounds
  • Adhesives and bonding materials
  • Polyurethane elastomer
  • Flame Retardant Polyurethane
  • Electronic encapsulation
  • Low hardness polyurethane
  • Aliphatic polyurethane compound
  • UL-Recognized potting compound
  • Thermally conductive epoxy

Benefits of polyurethanes over silicone potting

  • Lower cost of materials results in a more economical polymer
  • Better bond strength to substrates and cases
  • Durable and efficient in optimal operating temperatures range
    • Low temperature: -60°
    • High temperature: 150°C
  • Higher chemical resistance to more chemical compounds
  • Reduced water vapor permeability increases water-resistance of sensitive components
  • More flexible formulation allows polyurethanes to be formulated soft or rigid
  • More strength, elongation, and abrasion resistance
  • Reduced outgassing from material
separation and air filter adhesives