Protect Relays, Resistors and Capacitors with Epoxy and Polyurethane Compounds

Utilizing the right thermally conductive epoxy potting compounds is critical for producing quality electronics requiring superior durability. Our thermally conductive epoxy compounds are unparalleled in strength and provide outstanding heat transfer and dissipation.

Our compounds feature excellent resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Choose from a variety of formulas, featuring low temperature cures, great electrical properties, and excellent structural integrity.

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Capacitor, Relay and Resistor Potting Compound

Thermally Conductive Potting Compounds for Electronics

Electronic components can be damaged by moisture, corrosion, and extreme temperatures when not properly protected. Our thermal potting compounds enable even heat distribution, preventing overheating and short circuits. We carry both one and two component compounds, which are all 100% solvent free.

We will custom formulate thermally conductive potting compounds to fit your product specifications. Many of our potting materials are UL rated and certified for enhanced fire resistance. Whether you are looking for a high-temperature potting compound for relays, resistors, and capacitors or an epoxy resin for potting electronics of all types, Epic Resins has high-quality epoxy compounds for you.

Popular Relay, Resistor & Capacitor Compounds:

Epic 0154 is a low-temperature cure, thermally conductive epoxy potting compound for electrical components. Epic 0154 features low-temperature cure, good electrical properties, minimal settling characteristics and good heat transfer in a single component epoxy. Epic 0154 thermally conductive epoxy has supreme structural strength and integrity to provide long-lasting, reliable performance. Epic 0154 has excellent shelf-life stability for a one-component heat cure epoxy resin.

Epic S7397-01 is a two-component electrical grade thermally conductive epoxy potting resin. Epic S7397-01 is designed with a convenient 1:1 by weight or volume mix ratio along with a long gel time and slow cure. Epic S7397-01 thermally conductive epoxy combines superior structural integrity with exceptional heat transfer properties for high-quality performance. Epic Resins S7397-01 is non-blushing, resulting in attractive parts when cured. S7397-01 is recognized by UL, meeting the 94 V-0 fire retardancy standard.

Epic S7076 is a two-component, 100% reactive, electrically and thermally conductive epoxy compound. S7076 has been designed as a cushioning compound to act as an interface between the metal pole piece and the rigid epoxy on an electrical bushing. S7076 has a strong, inherently rugged structure to offer superior performance, even under harsh conditions. S7076 eliminates stress fractures in the epoxy compound that results in corona discharge failures. Epic S7076 adheres well to most metals and is designed to prevent running and dripping during application.

Epic S7133 is a general-purpose, two-component, thermally conductive epoxy potting/casting compound. Epic S7133 has been designed with a convenient 1:1 mix ratio by weight or volume and uses a less abrasive filler making S7133 suited for meter-mix dispense applications. Epic S7133 is a thermally conductive epoxy with a strong internal structure to perform in an exceptional way under the harshest circumstances. Epic S7133 lends itself well to applications where good electrical and good thermal conductivity are required in a room temperature curing system.

Epic 0126 is a thermally conductive potting compound and/or adhesive for electrical components featuring good electrical properties, minimum settling characteristics and good heat transfer in a single component epoxy. With strong structural integrity, this thermally conductive epoxy compound offers long-lasting, reliable performance. Applications for 0126 include coils, electronic encapsulation, and relay encapsulation.

Epic S7188-03A/B is a fire-resistant, two-component, filled epoxy potting and casting system. It features a low mixed viscosity to allow for complete air release, a convenient mix ratio, and very low shrinkage. S7188-03A/B is designed to pass UL94V-0.

Epic R1015/H5005 is a thermally conductive epoxy that excels as a potting compound in a variety of electronic applications. The major features of the system include a stabilized filler to reduce settling and minimal development of stresses after curing. The latter feature especially qualifies this system for use with delicate and heat-sensitive electronic packages. Epic R1015/H5005 thermally conductive epoxy offers heavy-duty vibration and elemental protection in a strong, durable structure to provide long-lasting electronic performance.

Epic R1000-01 is a filled high viscosity, modified thermally conductive epoxy resin. The resin is stabilized to permit the successful use of dispensing equipment, as well as manual batch processing. Room temperature and elevated temperature curing options are available. It has a high-quality structure designed with exceptional strength and heat transfer properties. When combined with appropriate hardeners, Epic R1000-01 resin has been successfully used in a variety of applications such as capacitors, resistors, diodes and torch heads.

Epic R1009/H5017 is a filled, high viscosity, thermally conductive epoxy resin system. The resin is stabilized to permit the successful use of dispensing equipment as well as manual batch processing. This thermally conductive epoxy resin is strong and has excellent structural integrity which won’t be compromised by extreme heat or environmental factors. The substantial heat transfer and electrical insulation properties provide exceptional performance. R1009/H5017 is a room temperature electrical potting compound that has been successfully used in a variety of applications such as capacitors, diodes, resistors, and torch heads.

Custom Formulations for Relays, Resistors & Capacitors

From cure times to hardness and viscosity, we have the capability to adjust our formulas to better match the resin requirements of your relay, resistor, capacitor or electronic component. Our technicians work with you to get a formula to match your specifications, then thoroughly test the product in simulated environments to best match your needs.