The Value in UL-Certification

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a leader in safety sciences and is globally recognized for producing safety solutions. We send many newly formulated epoxies and polyurethanes to UL for testing and certification. When a flame-retardant resin is recognized by UL, it means this resin has been tested and provides safety-related certification to manufacturers and consumers.

Our UL file contains over 40 different UL rated epoxies and polyurethanes to protect your application while ensuring normal, stable operation. Our knowledgeable Technical Sales team is ready to assist you in finding a solution to fit your needs.

We are continually adding to our UL file. Check the UL Online Certifications Directory for the most up to date listing. Epic Resins UL file

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Is there a difference between "flame retardant" and "flame resistant"?

Yes. Although the words “flame” and “fire” can be used interchangeably, there is a difference between the words “resistant” and “retardant.”

A “flame resistant” material is inherently resistant to igniting and will not melt or drip when exposed to extreme heat. While flame-resistant materials can catch fire, they’re not likely to ignite from being near fire and many flame-resistant materials will actually choke a fire to the point of putting it out.

A “flame retardant” material is one that has been chemically treated to self-extinguish if it catches fire. Fire-retardant chemicals are commonly used on plastics and furniture to reduce the chance of a fire spreading.

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Popular UL Recognized Potting Systems

Epic R1000-01/H5000 is a filled modified epoxy, stabilized for manual batch processing or through the use of dispensing equipment. This customizable epoxy allows for room temperature or elevated temperature curing options. Often used in resistors, diodes, capacitors and more.

Epic R1055 is a premium fire retardant with UL recognition that is heavy metal free with a 180°C RTI, UL 746 rating of F1 for outdoor exposure and long work life. This epoxy is an excellent choice for your high-temperature potting applications, capable of penetrating tightly wound electrical coils.

Epic S7244 mixes at a simple 1:1 ratio and is UL 94 HB recognized. This epoxy contains less abrasive filters, which makes it ideal for use in meter-mix and dispensing machinery. Epic S7244 is the perfect solution where thermal conductivity and electrical insulation is required.

Epic S7202 has over 20 years of field-tested ability in outdoor applications in charge controllers, micro-inverters and control modules. This 2 part polyurethane potting compound series can be formulated in a variety of gel times to fit your application.

Epic S7527 is a UL94 V-0 recognized 2 component polyurethane potting compounds that were formulated to provide a long gel time at a medium hardness with excellent electrical properties. S7527 is an excellent choice for potting and encapsulating sensitive electronics that are exposed to harsh environments.

Epic S7475 is a two-component polyurethane compound for potting electronic control modules (ECM’s) and a wide variety of electronic devices. The low mixed viscosity of the S7475 allows the material to flow into intricate areas under printed circuit boards and other tight tolerance areas. Another key property of this product is the 4:1 by volume mix ratio that allows the system to be very adaptable for meter mix and dispense processing. The very low hardness of S7475 in combination with the low Tg provides excellent flexibility, therefore allowing delicate surface mounted devices (SMD's) to expand and contract during thermal cycling and thermal shock. For applications that generate a great deal of heat, S7475 has shown extremely low weight loss at 130°C. S7475 is UL 94 V-0 recognized at 4.8 mm and is RoHS compliant.

Epic S7524 is a transparent, UL 94 V-0 recognized polyurethane compound. It features low mixed viscosity and transparent color. S7524 was designed for potting PCB assemblies for use in white goods. The transparent color also offers this product as an ideal candidate for applications requiring indicator LED's to display through the potting.

Industries Using UL-Recognized Resins

Applications requiring UL-recognized polyurethanes and epoxies are limitless. Numerous industries already use our UL-certified resins, including:

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