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Custom Epoxy for Battery Charger Filament Winding

One of the largest battery charger manufacturers came to Epic Resins looking for an epoxy supplier able to meet their quality and performance specifications. As the previous industry standard was subject to ‘cold creep’, they were in need of a rigid system for winding copper filament around the cast part without dimensional variances over normal ambient temperatures. As the manufacturer’s current supplier wasn't up to the task, Epic Resins took on the challenge. Epic Resins provided a two component room temperature curing epoxy proven to perform in related field : Epic S7151A/B.

Epic Resins also provided the technical support to implement the change to our products in their manufacturing facilities without interruption to their production schedule. With an epoxy solution able to withhold stability through time and temperature and exceptional custom support, Epic Resins not only met the manufacturers epoxy needs, but exceeded their expectations.

A New Opportunity on the Horizon for Epic Resins

Completely satisfied with the product and service they received with Epic Resins, the battery charger manufacturer returned with a new opportunity. The manufacturer was looking to manufacture their own ridged coil for an industrial charger but was unable to find a commercially available coil bobbin able to meet their specifications. As Epic Resins had offered such great technical support the previous time, they turned to Epic Resins for advice. Epic Resins provided the solution for a ridged two component epoxy formed in a mold to seamlessly meet their custom specifications. More than just providing the epoxy solution, Epic Resins worked directly with their engineering staff demonstrating how to properly use and mold the epoxy; lending technical support and advice as needed.

Epic Resins once again locked in complete customer satisfaction with exceptional epoxy formulations and outstanding technical support. Epic Resins looks forward to expanding our business partnerships based on our customers’ success. When it comes to custom formulated epoxy resin and polyurethane compounds, Epic Resins is your source for success.

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