Korean Company Launches New Product Line with Custom Electronics Potting Compound

Developing a New Alternative Energy Product Line for Power Electronics with Custom Formulated Electronics Potting Compound

A Korean manufacturer was in need of a custom polyurethane electronic potting compound for their line of solar panels. As their current supplier was unable to provide the product they needed, the Korean OEM began searching for a company with the experience, industry knowledge, and production capabilities necessary. After meeting with the Epic Resins Korean sales representative, the Korean OEM felt they had found the best partner for their needs.

Manufacturing Potting Compounds for Industries Around the Globe

Epic Resins was chosen as the Korean OEM’s manufacturing partner because of our experience in custom adhesive formulation, industry knowledge and ability to produce the exact compound required for manufacturing processes. While this particular potting compound requires a specific and precise formulation method, Epic Resins has the equipment, reactors, and expertise needed to make startup and production an efficient and expedient process.

Epic Resins continues working with this Korean partner on new product lines, while providing overseas support for their new electronics potting compound. The Epic Resins Korean sales team also works closely with partners to provide the continuous customer support Epic is known for.

From electronics potting compounds to polyurethane adhesives, Epic Resins will formulate the compound your company requires to meet your exact application needs. We are committed to providing superior customer support and custom formulation services for customers worldwide.

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