US Manufacturer of RF Sensor Systems Requires Specific Potting Compound

Radio Frequency Sensor Systems With Specialized Potting Compound

A US manufacturer was experiencing performance issues with the potting compound they were using for their radio frequency-based products. Their current potting compound was severely limiting the signal range of their product. With a very strict production deadline quickly approaching, this manufacturer was in danger of meeting the project startup date. The customer required the correct potting compound as fast as possible so they could meet their deadline.

Their contract manufacturer recommended they contact Epic Resins because of our reputation for high product quality materials and proven problem solving.

US Based Manufacturer of Versatile Potting Compounds

Epic Resins’ extensive potting experience in the RF market provided the tools needed for choosing the correct product for this application. This particular potting compound is already in the field for a similar application so we were able to show evidence of thebcompound’s viability. Because we were able to respond quickly with the correct product, we were able to assist our customer out of a difficult situation.

Epic Resins is dedicated to providing our customers with superb quality potting compounds in an expedient manner to meet all production deadlines. Regardless of the application Epic Resins will strive to provide the perfect solution.

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