Air Filters OEM Looks to Epic Resins for Air Filter Adhesive Solution

Exceptional customer service, quick production turnaround and hands on training seal the deal

Before coming to Epic Resins, an OEM of air filters found themselves frustrated with both of the polyurethane compounding manufacturers their equipment supplier had referred to them. After a great deal of poor customer service and no active response from either of the recommended companies, the air filter manufacturer began looking for a better solution. Epic Resins was able to provide a prompt, customer friendly response to their need for an air filter adhesive solution.

Following a detailed phone conversation, the knowledgeable Epic Resins team was able to address the formulation needs of this air filter manufacturer. Knowing:

Polyurethane Filter Adhesive Solution With Quality Customer Service!

Epic Resins established that S7463 was the best filter adhesive solution for this application. Epic S7463 is a moisture and chemically resistant polyurethane that can withstand the required temperature range, is process friendly, and has various gel times which can be used according to production needs.

Once the proper polyurethane was determined, the Epic Resins team went onsite to demonstrate the polyurethane compound. Epic trained the OEM employees on how to properly mix and use the S7463 polyurethane. More than just demonstrating the proper mixing techniques, Epic trained employees on how to recognize and resolve problems that are often encountered when using meter, mix, and dispense (MMD) equipment. They also demonstrated common mixing issues such as off ratio static mixing, making it easy for employees to identify striations first hand. Quality control check procedures were also established with employees, training them on when and how to gauge hardness. With hands on training and business to business communication, this air filter manufacturer was able to develop a successful production process that met their immediate needs.

On-Site Production Process Planning To Improve Manufacturers Result

Within a short period of time, Epic Resins was able to get this air filter manufacturer up and running with a quick product turnaround and unequaled customer service and support. A long lasting business relationship was quickly built with this air filter manufacturer through responsive communication and on-site support.

The team of knowledgeable professionals at Epic Resins work closely with OEM's and equipment suppliers throughout the entire production process to ensure product and manufacturing process success. No matter what your application, Epic can custom formulate a polyurethane or epoxy product to meet your exact specifications. 

Looking for epoxy or polyurethane adhesives for your filtering product? Contact Epic Resins for a quote!