Contract Manufacturer Using Electronic Potting Compound Partners with Epic Resins for Quality

Working in conjunction with overseas manufacturer and North American OEM staff to build a long-term partnership

A contract manufacturer in China was experiencing problems with their current electronic potting compound used in automotive control module production. The manufacturer was facing quality issues due to inconsistencies in the potting compound, greatly affecting productivity. This manufacturer was unable to work with the poor quality potting compound and was not receiving any help from the current supplier to resolve the material and processing issues. Due to the quality issues, long lead times were disrupting production. On top of these quality issues, they were also overpaying for the material. After receiving no help from their current supplier to resolve these issues, the contract manufacturer turned to Epic Resins for a solution.

Understanding the Problem...Finding the Solution

Epic Resins communicated with both the overseas contract manufacturer and the local North American OEM design staff to understand their problems and develop a solution. With in-house capabilities, Epic was able to clone a wet sample and replicate the production process, aiding in the troubleshooting process. Epic was able to resolve the quality issues associated with the product and the process, shortening lead times and saving the manufacturers money.

With customer service in both North American and across the globe, Epic Resins was able to work directly with the contract manufacturer in China and the OEM’s design staff to develop a successful production program. Epic worked directly with the OEM’s engineering facility and with support in the manufacturers local language, Epic Resins' China Representative trained the contract manufacturer on the new streamlined process and how to properly handle and use the material.

Global Support for Superior Communication

With global support, outstanding customer service, excellent communication, and unique epoxy and polyurethane formulation capabilities, Epic Resins proved themselves as the preferred potting compound supplier for this automotive control module manufacturer.

Epic Resins has become the preferred electronics potting compound supplier worldwide because of our technical sales team, experienced chemists complimented with a state-of-the-art laboratory, and outstanding manufacturing efficiency. We work directly with CM’s and OEM’s worldwide, helping develop successful production processes.

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