LED Lighting Manufacturer Need for an Adhesive Potting Compound

Exceptional customer service and quick turn-around time seals the deal 


Client Overview: 

A prominent manufacturer of LED lighting had been searching for several years, seeking a material that could withstand their LED lighting's wide temperature range and environmental stresses in transit applications. Their quest for a reliable potting and adhesive solution led them to Epic Resins.

The Challenge:

The LED lighting manufacturer required a robust potting and adhesive solution that could effectively handle the demanding environmental conditions of their product in transit applications. The material needed to demonstrate exceptional adhesion properties and perform reliably across a range of substrates.

Epic Resins' Solution: LED light

Epic Resins stepped in to address the LED manufacturer's challenge by providing a sample of our versatile S7511 polyurethane compound for testing. The S7511 compound is specifically formulated to excel in adhesion to various substrates, making it an ideal fit for the LED manufacturer's requirements. The material's convenient 1:1 volumetric mix ratio and low viscosity further solidified its appeal.

Drawing from our extensive experience in the LED market, Epic Resins offered valuable insights and guidance in selecting the correct product for their application. In fact, the S7511 compound had already been successfully deployed in similar applications, providing tangible evidence of its viability. The LED manufacturer's engineering team was particularly impressed by the prompt testing turnaround time and our collaborative customer service approach.

Results & Benefits:

Throughout the rigorous rounds of testing conducted by the LED manufacturer, S7511 emerged as a resounding success, surpassing all expectations without a single failure. This exceptional performance sealed the deal, and the LED manufacturer confidently made the switch to Epic Resins as their preferred potting and adhesive solution provider.

By choosing Epic Resins, the LED manufacturer gained access to quality compounds delivered in a timely manner, ensuring all production deadlines were met without compromise. Our unwavering commitment to providing the perfect solution, regardless of the application, reassured the LED manufacturer that they were partnering with a reliable and dedicated supplier.


Epic Resins takes pride in delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges of our customers. In this case, our S7511 polyurethane compound proved to be the answer the LED lighting manufacturer had been searching for. Our expertise in the LED market, coupled with outstanding product performance, prompt service and collaborative customer support, solidified our partnership, ensuring their continued success.

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