Electric Potting Compounds for Automotive & Microelectronics

Custom electric potting compounds

Custom Compounds with Great Electrical Properties

Epic Resins’s electric potting compounds are specially formulated to provide excellent electrical properties, great heat transfer, and thermal shock resistance. These electric potting compounds work for a variety of applications including automotive sensors, switches, microelectronics, transformers and other electrical devices. We custom formulate electric potting compounds to satisfy your unique electrical application needs. Our electrical potting compounds are available in variable strengths, hardness levels, and cure speeds to accommodate any electrical manufacturing application. We manufacture single component or two component electric potting compounds with excellent dielectric properties, chemical resistance, and thermal conductivity, making them perfect for electrical devices or automotive electrical use. With a long working life, minimal settling characteristics, and customizable formulations, the electric potting compounds from Epic Resins are a great solution to your electrical epoxy needs.


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