Epoxy Resin Adhesives

Epoxy resin adhesives for paint brushes and paint rollers

Custom Adhesive Formulation for Paint Brushes

Epic Resins is committed to being the best epoxy resin adhesive manufacturer available. We are a leader in environmentally friendly manufacturing of epoxy resin adhesives and the leader in the custom formulation of polyurethane resins and encapsulating products. Our epoxy resin adhesive is ideal for adhesion to paint brush and paint rollers with natural, nylon, polyester, or olefin bristles. Epic Resins’ paint brush epoxy resin adhesive comes in a variety of grades to satisfy any application need. Our varieties of epoxy adhesives are specifically developed to resist mineral spirits, turpentine, detergent and water common in paint application. As a custom epoxy formulator, Epic Resins’ is capable of manufacturing adhesives to fulfill your unique needs and requirements.


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