Conductive Resins for Electrical Parts

Thermally conductive resin with exceptional heat transfer properties

Custom Epoxy Resin with Exceptional Heat Transferability

Epic Resins manufactures a variety of thermally conductive epoxy potting and encapsulating compounds specifically to meet your electrical or automotive application needs. Our thermally conductive epoxies are ideal for the processing and manufacturing of relays, capacitors, resistor, or other electrical components. We are dedicated to providing thermally conductive resins unparalleled in strength, heat transfer and dissipation.  We formulate resins which feature great electrical properties and heat stability for sensors, switches, transformers and many more components which rely on superior heat transfer.  Our epoxy resin specialists are capable of designing custom thermally conductive potting compounds specially manufactured to fit your requirements.  With exceptional heat transfer properties, lasting strength, and customizable formulations, our thermally conductive resins are the solution to your electrical application needs. 


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