Thermal Epoxy Resins & Potting

Thermal epoxy resin with conductive properties ideal for automotive or electrical use

Conductive Compounds Protect Electrical Components

Epic Resins is the top supplier of thermal epoxy and electrical potting compound material. With over 50 years in the industry, we have the expertise to create top quality epoxy encapsulation material for electronic components. Our electrical potting compound material has been custom formulated to protect fragile components in a variety of electrical applications. Our thermally conductive potting compounds and high temperature epoxy resins protect electrical components from high temperatures while allowing for superior electrical insulation. Our epoxy encapsulation compounds also allow necessary expansion and contraction for long lasting thermally conductive potting. Whether you need an electrical potting compound for an automotive application or a simple high temperature epoxy resin to protect industrial electrical components, trust Epic Resins to provide the most superior thermally conductive potting materials.


Contact the thermal epoxy resin formulators at Epic Resins today for a customized thermally conductive potting compound for a variety of electronic applications.