UL Approved Epoxy Varnish Products

Epoxy resin varnish

Transformer Encapsulation with Epoxy Resin Varnish

From varnishes to modified epoxy electrical potting systems for penetrating tightly wound electrical coils, Epic Resins manufactures a full line of formulated epoxy resin systems to encapsulate transformers. Our expert custom encapsulation compound formulators utilize a state of the art laboratory and manufacturing facility to provide you with the perfect solution.

Epic Resins manufacturers a variety of UL recognized epoxy resin varnish products used in UL recognized transformers. We produce custom formulations in small batches to ensure perfect product quality for any application.


Contact the transformer encapsulation specialists at Epic Resins NOW at 262-495-3400 or 800-242-6649 for all your epoxy resin varnish formulation needs.