Reinforcing Composite Materials with Epic Resins' Advanced Epoxies & Polyurethanes

Epoxies and Polyurethanes for Composite Manufacturers

In the intricate world of composite materials, Epic Resins stands as a beacon for innovation, providing state-of-the-art polymer solutions. Meticulously engineered, our products are rooted in advanced chemistry and materials science principles. We optimize impact, hardness, and flexural strength—properties that are critical for advanced composite fabrication processes, including laminating, vacuum bagging, RIM, filament winding and, more.

Resins Optimized for Molding Techniques

Epic Resins designs products that are unique to molding and casting processes. With low mixed viscosity, our lamination products are designed to be easy to apply and durable upon curing. In processes like Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) and Resin transfer molding, these features are invaluable, ensuring that components maintain their integrity.

Laminating Resins Fine-Tuned for Filament Winding

Filament winding demands precision at every turn. Epic Resins rises to this challenge, offering laminating resins fine-tuned for these processes. Beyond just repeatability, we engineer our resins for enhanced structural integrity, ensuring they can resist various environmental stressors. Drawing from rheology and polymer science, we aim to deliver products that set new industry standards.

The Role of Epoxy Resins in Composite Materials

In the composite industry, epoxy resins bind various materials together, providing enhanced strength and flexibility. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that composite materials retain their structural integrity and resist external stresses. Epoxy resins in composites help achieve a balanced combination of stiffness and durability, making them ideal for various applications.

Prime advantages of integrating quality resin in composites:

  • Superior bonding capability
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Enhanced material strength
  • Improved material flexibility

Epoxies Customized for Composite Integration

Epic Resins specializes in potting compounds ideal for composite materials. Distinctive characteristics encompass:

  • High Hardness Added protection.
  • Low Viscosity Easy workability and thorough impregnation of composite fibers.
  • Strong Adhesive Properties Ensuring materials remain bonded.
  • Resistance to External Stresses Including moisture and mechanical stresses.

Comprehensive Solutions for Composite Manufacturing Techniques

Diverse composite manufacturing techniques pose unique challenges. Epic Resins harnesses its deep technical expertise to craft solutions tailored for each method—from precision casting to intricate filament winding. Our understanding of matrix-reinforcement interactions and curing kinetics enables us to provide products that meet the exacting demands of composite manufacturers.

Molding and Casting

Molding and casting require materials that can flow into intricate geometries while ensuring minimal internal stresses upon curing. At Epic Resins, our formulations cater to these needs. Superior flow characteristics, reduced shrinkage, and scientifically optimized curing profiles are the hallmarks of our products. By leveraging insights from thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, we deliver resins that ensure repeatable, high-quality results.

Filament Winding

In filament winding, consistency is king. Our products, backed by rigorous R&D, offer unmatched viscosity control, ensuring uniform winding across varied operating conditions. Epic Resins' solutions ensure mechanical robustness and extended product lifespan.

Popular Adhesive, Sealant, & Coating Formulations For The Composite Materials Manufacturing Industry

Epic S7434 is a two-component epoxy filament winding resin designed with a convenient 2:1 by volume mix ratio and a room temperature cure.

Epic R3500/H5016 is a two-component epoxy system that features high impact, high hardness, and high flexural strength. R3500/H5016 is also designed with a low mixed viscosity for ease of processing.

Epic S7300-02 is a two-component epoxy compound that is designed for filament winding applications. S7300-02A/B features a very low mixed viscosity and moderate pot life for easy workability. It is designed for excellent wet-out of the fiberglass strands, resulting in a finished part with good aesthetics.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Upholding unwavering quality standards is non-negotiable for Epic Resins. We're deeply committed to global best practices, as evidenced by our strict adherence to international certifications such as ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems) and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems). Beyond these certifications, every batch of our resin undergoes rigorous testing. Assessments range from rheological evaluations (for viscosity) to differential scanning calorimetry (for cure profiles) and tensile tests (for mechanical strength). This rigorous approach ensures our products deliver unmatched consistency and reliability across all composite applications.

Epic Resins' Commitment to Technical Excellence

Technical excellence isn't just a buzzword for us—it's the bedrock of our product strategy. Each Epic Resins product is meticulously engineered. Our formulations tackle pressing industry challenges head-on, from withstanding the rigors of thermal cycling to resisting aggressive chemical exposures and mitigating the risks associated with physical stressors. With an ear to the ground and an eye on the future, our unwavering commitment to R&D ensures Epic Resins remains a beacon of innovation in the composite industry.

Partner with Epic Resins: Sculpting Tomorrow's Composites

At Epic Resins, we view our role as more than just a supplier—we're your technical partner, collaborating to advance the broader composite industry. Through in-depth consultations and technical dialogues, we dive deep into your unique challenges. This collaborative ethos ensures that our products are not just off-the-shelf solutions but are precisely aligned with your specific production methodologies, performance criteria, and long-term objectives.

CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE! Delve into a partnership where quality and technical expertise converge. Our dedicated team, steeped in industry knowledge and backed by a legacy of innovation, is poised to ensure your composite applications reach unprecedented heights of performance and reliability.

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