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Epic Resins offers cutting-edge polyurethanes formulated specifically for the edge molding industry. With products tailored to the unique requirements of edge molding manufacturers, our portfolio enhances the durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal of molded edges. Make Epic Resins your edge molding resin supplier for unparalleled results.

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Edge Moldings with  Enhanced Durability

Our polyurethane edge moldings with resistance against wear, microbial growth, moisture, and environmental factors. Protect and extend the life of your molded edges with Epic Resins. Moreover, these coatings have been developed keeping in mind the varied environments the products may be exposed to, from humid interiors to harsh outdoor conditions.
Polyurethane for table edge molding

Epic Resins: Your Trusted Edge Molding Resin Supplier

From commercial trimmings to luxury finishes, Epic Resins supports a vast range of molding applications. We understand the intricate challenges of the edge molding industry and provide tailored solutions for optimal outcomes. Our team of experts is dedicated to staying updated with the latest trends and innovations, ensuring that we always deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.

The Role of Polyurethanes in Edge Molding

The edge molding polyurethane is dispensed into a mold that fits around the table top and cures in place, leaving a seamless urethane table edging around the perimeter of the table top when the mold is removed. These easy-to-use edge molding compounds can be pigmented by the user to create any desired color.

You need polyurethane edge molding products that are as durable as they are decorative, providing protection for the edge of the laminate and any items coming into contact with the molded edging. Table edge molding polyurethane cure times can be adjusted to fit your manufacturing process needs.

Given their versatile nature, they can be easily tailored to meet specific requirements, be it increased flexibility or enhanced hardness. The benefits include:

  • Enhanced protection for the edge of the laminate.
  • Resistance against moisture, dirt & microbial growth.
  • Durability even under frequent handling and usage.

Polyurethanes Formulated for Edge Molding Needs

Epic Resins offers polyurethanes designed explicitly for edge molding applications, with features like:

  • Adjustable Cure Time Fit to your manufacturing process needs.
  • Flexibility Adapting to the unique shapes and contours of edges.
  • Variety of Pigments Created to your desired color.

These formulations result from years of research and development, combined with valuable feedback from our clients. We understand that every edge molding application has its unique set of challenges, and our formulations are crafted to meet those specific needs head-on.

Precision and Aesthetic Appeal

Our polyurethane edge molding products are crafted to provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Epic Resins ensures precision and elegance in every tabletop application. Our focus goes beyond just the technical aspects; we are deeply invested in ensuring that the final product adds value and beauty to its surroundings. By collaborating closely with our customer's engineering team, we refine our products to achieve the perfect balance between function and form.

Popular Polyurethane Formulations for Edge Molding

Epic RM2013 is a low viscosity (about 1,700 cP) edge molding polyurethane elastomer with a Shore hardness of 80A (medium soft rating). Its hardness rating is in line with that of a leather belt, the sole of a shoe, and Tupperware. The tensile modulus is approximately 500.9 PSI (3,453 kPa). The A scale on Shore hardness indicates a flexible material. Epic RM2013 can be penetrated with some serious effort and is still soft enough to allow molding. This elastomer boasts a quick gel time of between 1.5 and 3.5 minutes, allowing for swift de-mold times and rapid part changeovers. This also provides original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with a more malleable production schedule, making their manufacturing process easier.

Epic RM2014 is a low-viscosity (about 2,000 cP) polyurethane elastomer used in the manufacture of edge-molded table tops. With a Shore hardness of 65A (soft rating), this edge molding polyurethane is a great choice where the end user would like a softer feel to the edge mold yet needs assurance of its ability to properly protect the covered surface from anything coming into contact. Shore A scale denotes a flexible polyurethane. The 65A rating puts the Epic RM2014 in the same category as car tires and rubber bands, and just below the common hardness of 70A. Its tensile modulus is approximately 352.1.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Epic Resins is deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of the edge molding industry, emphasizing unmatched quality, safety, and durability in all our products. To guarantee our products' resilience, we undertake comprehensive testing under various real-world conditions, such as moisture exposure and tensile modulus.

Partner with Epic Resins: Sculpting the Future of Edge Molding

The edge molding sector demands precision, durability, and aesthetics. At Epic Resins, we blend innovation with experience, providing unparalleled solutions that set industry standards. Connect with our experts today and sculpt the future of edge molding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which industries commonly utilize Epic Resins' edge molding solutions?

Our edge molding products cater to tabletop manufacturers.

Can Epic Resins customize solutions for unique edge molding requirements?

Absolutely! Our team collaborates closely with clients to craft solutions tailored to their specific needs.

How does Epic Resins maintain the highest quality in its edge molding products?

We conduct rigorous testing on each product to ensure unmatched performance and durability.

What distinguishes Epic Resins from other edge molding resin suppliers?

Our blend of innovation, experience, and commitment to quality sets us apart. We offer tailored solutions, with the ability to adjust cure times, color, and more. This ensures every client receives the perfect product for their application.

Can I get samples of Epic Resins products for testing?

Yes, reach out to our team, and we'll arrange for samples to be sent.

How does Epic Resins ensure the aesthetic appeal of its edge molding products?

Our products are crafted with precision, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal for diverse applications.

How can I collaborate with Epic Resins for my edge molding projects?

Contact our team by phone or through our website contact form. We're eager to support you in achieving unparalleled results in your edge molding application.

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