No Paintbrush is Better than the Sum of its Parts

Adhesives for Paintbrushes

Every paint brush manufacturer wants to make the brush every professional or amateur painter just has to use. A well-made brush is comprised of several expertly crafted pieces. Each one fits together to make the greater whole. Epic Resins creates the polymers that hold it all together.

Paint Brush Polymers for Superior Products

You’re not going to make the top paint brush by getting the cheapest quality parts. You’re going to produce the best paint brush by finding the best parts on the market. One of the most essential pieces is the epoxy adhesive. Epic Resins makes your goal a reality by making the best possible paint brush epoxy.

Why an Epoxy?

No paintbrush is a brush without bristles. This is where our epoxy adhesives come into play. Specially designed to reliably penetrate and hold the bristles in place, our epoxy lets the painter go right to work.

No hassle with bristles falling out or getting yanked. The epoxy adhesive bonding to the bristles will be found beneath the ferrule (the shiny metal plate you see just below the brush).

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Paint Roller Resins

Epic Resins’ epoxy adhesives also work well in paint roller manufacturing. The roller bonds well with our adhesive. Most rolling material used in roller designs will be firmly held in place including:

  • Plastic
  • Foam
  • Synthetic
  • Lamb’s Wool

No matter the material, no matter the design, your paint roller will deliver unmatched performance. Just incorporate Epic Resins’ epoxy into your manufacturing.

Epoxy Formulated for Success

Hint: There’s 4 Key Ingredients

Our epoxy resin adhesive is your best option for one reason: Every aspect of our epoxy formulation is meticulously crafted to satisfy your needs.

  1. Eco-friendly: All of Epic Resins compounds are either 0-VOC (volatile organic compound) or low-VOC, helping your product stay environmentally safe.
  2. Strength: Epic Resins offers strong adhesion for high-performance bonding.
  3. Fast Cure Times: It won’t take long for the adhesive to cure and bond to your bristles. Once bonded, your bristles are held firmly in place and ready for use.
  4. Custom Formulation: Epic Resins doesn’t make you change your designs to meet our adhesives. Instead, we work with you to find the adhesive that meets your needs.

We offer custom formulation to meet your product requirements in:

  • Cure Time
  • Color
  • Viscosity

The Best Paint Brushes Deserve the Best Adhesives

Whether you’re looking to create the paintbrush or paint roller no one can deny, an epoxy adhesive is essential to your product design. Epic Resins provides a high-quality epoxy designed to fully meet your manufacturing requirements in every way possible. This versatility has allowed Epic Resins to contribute to the manufacturing in a variety of industries including Solar Energy, Pool / Spa, and Automotive.


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