Sustainable Energy Solutions: Adhesives, Potting, & Encapsulation

Polyurethane and Epoxy Resins for the Renewable Energy Sector

Epic Resins offers a range of specialized adhesives, potting, and encapsulation products for the renewable energy industry. Tailored to withstand diverse climates and conditions, these products ensure that renewable energy installations remain operational and efficient over extended periods.

High-Strength Adhesives for Renewable Energy Equipment

Epic Resins' proven adhesive solutions ensure firm bonding within components, such as wind turbine blades and solar assemblies. These adhesives are developed using advanced chemical engineering, considering the energy sector's evolving needs.

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The Role of Epoxy Resins and Polyurethanes in Renewable Energy Systems

In the renewable energy industry, epoxy and polyurethane materials are pivotal in ensuring optimal performance and longevity of devices. Whether it's solar panels or wind turbine blades, these resins provide a protective layer against environmental wear and tear. Polymers in renewable energy devices enhance efficiency by ensuring minimal energy loss.

Benefits of quality polyurethane & epoxy resins in renewable energy systems:

  • Enhanced durability for solar panels and wind turbines
  • Protection against environmental degradations
  • Improved energy conversion efficiency
  • Resistance to mechanical stresses

Epoxies & Polyurethanes Tailored for Renewable

Epic Resins formulates adhesive & potting solutions with renewable energy systems in mind. Notable features include:

  • High mechanical strength Withstand strong winds and harsh weather.
  • Minimal shrinkage & Maximum adhesion Won’t shrink or slump, maintaining adhesive and protective properties.
  • Chemical Resistance Protect sensitive components from damage.
  • Electrical Insulation Withstand mechanical stresses and maintain normal operation.

Next-Generation Encapsulation for Optimal Renewable Performance

Considering the increasing reliance on renewables, Epic Resins emphasizes encapsulation solutions that ensure operational consistency. Such solutions provide protective measures and also contribute to performance optimization and enhancement.

Tailored Applications Across Renewable Energy Segments

Given the diverse nature of renewable sources, a one-size-fits-all solution isn't viable. Thus, Epic Resins' offerings span a broad spectrum, addressing the intricacies and nuances of each renewable segment, from solar to wind energy systems.

Adhesives and Potting Solutions for Wind Energy

With an increase in wind farms and high-altitude wind turbines, the need for robust protective solutions has never been greater. To generate electricity from wind power, turbines need to be positioned in places subject to hot or cold climates and its components must handle adverse weather conditions. Even in optimal conditions, adhesives used in bonding turbine blades are under tremendous mechanical and must be as durable as possible. Depending on the structural makeup of each blade, different compounds may be considered:

  • One-piece turbine blades – a larger bonding surface area is used so a polyurethane adhesive may be sufficient
  • Two-piece turbine blades – any adhesives used are load-bearing, so stronger epoxy adhesives would be optimal

Solar Energy System Protection Solutions

Solar installations, be it in desert environments or rooftop setups, face unique challenges. Encapsulating resins stabilize thermal conductivity in solar batteries. Epic Resin’s encapsulating compounds maintain nominal battery performance by protecting batteries from spikes or sags in thermal conductivity due to temperature changes.

Electrical components, such as solar charge controllers, are constantly exposed to the elements, like rain and snow. Polyurethane and epoxy potting compounds insulate sensitive electronics from damaging moisture. These compounds cover the electrical components - providing durable protection to ensure all electrical elements perform optimally year-round, no matter the outdoor conditions.

Popular Adhesive, Sealant, & Coating Formulations For The Renewable Energy Industry

Epic S7475 is a two-component polyurethane compound for potting electronic control modules (ECMs) and a wide variety of electronic devices with an operating range of -50C to 130C. The low mixed viscosity of the S7475 allows the material to flow into intricate areas under printed circuit boards and other tight tolerance areas. Another key property of this product is the 4:1 by volume mix ratio which allows the system to be very adaptable for meter mix and dispense processing. The very low hardness of S7475 in combination with the low Tg provides excellent flexibility, therefore allowing delicate surface-mounted devices (SMDs) to expand and contract during thermal cycling and thermal shock. For applications that generate a great deal of heat, S7475 has shown extremely low weight loss at 130C. S7475 is UL 94-V0 recognized at 4.8 mm and is RoHS compliant.

Epic S7253 series of products are two-component, UL 94 V-0 recognized polyurethane compounds designed for electronic applications requiring encapsulation. The low weight loss of the S7253 series at elevated temperatures suggests that this product is suitable for applications that can reach up to 125°C. The S7253 series is currently utilized in a variety of applications, including automotive applications that require thermal cycling between -40°C and 85°C. The S7253 series of products features good thermal conductivity along with good adhesion to various metals and plastics. The S7253 series of products meet RoHS requirements.


Epic S7457 is a two-component polyurethane potting compound designed for electronic potting applications. Epic S7458 was formulated for applications requiring a low Tg, thermal cycling resistance, and low weight loss at 130°C and is designed to pass UL 94 V-0. This premium RoHS-compliant polyurethane has a very soft durometer and is great for applications with constant thermocycling.

Epic S7351 is a two-component, room-temperature cure, polybutadiene-based polyurethane. The S7351 was specifically formulated for electronic modules and is also an excellent candidate for electronic control modules (ECMs). Due to its low hardness and flexibility, the S7351 will not exert stress on delicate surface-mounted devices (SMDs) on printed circuit boards (PCBs) when exposed to extreme thermal cycling typical of outdoor electronics applications. The S7351 is an excellent alternative to rigid systems that do not allow expansion and contraction of delicate components, causing failures. Also, due to the polybutadiene chemistry used in this formula, the product provides excellent high-temperature properties up to 125°C and much-improved chemical resistance.

Epic S7205 is a two-component, black epoxy system designed for coating or encapsulating a variety of substrates. Epic S7205 features a low viscosity and long pot life to provide bubble-free castings. It has excellent chemical resistance and good electrical insulating properties, making it an excellent choice for use in potting applications subjected to the elements, such as charge controllers.


Partner with Epic Resins for your Renewable Energy Needs

At a time when sustainable energy sources are not just preferred but necessary, Epic Resins stands as an ally to the renewable sector. Let's collaborate, innovate, and ensure that our renewable energy infrastructure isn't just sustainable but exemplary in its efficiency and resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the primary purpose of encapsulation in renewable energy systems?

Encapsulation in renewable energy systems primarily protects delicate components from environmental hazards, improves system longevity, and ensures consistent energy yield by preventing moisture ingress and UV damage.

How do potting compounds enhance the reliability of wind energy components?

Potting compounds insulate and protect the sophisticated electronics within wind turbines. This ensures smooth operation by guarding against external threats like moisture, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations.

How do encapsulation solutions benefit solar energy systems?

Encapsulation solutions for solar panels shield them from environmental threats while optimizing performance.

How does Epic Resins ensure the quality and reliability of its products for the renewable energy sector?

Our products undergo rigorous research, development, and testing. This ensures that they not only meet but often exceed industry standards, offering unparalleled reliability in real-world conditions.

Can Epic Resins customize adhesive or potting solutions for specific renewable energy projects?

Absolutely. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of different renewable energy setups, and we collaborate closely with clients to provide tailored solutions that address project-specific needs.

Are Epic Resins’ encapsulation products resistant to UV degradation?

Yes. Given the outdoor nature of many renewable installations, especially solar panels, our encapsulation products are formulated to resist UV degradation, ensuring that they retain their protective qualities over time.

How can I determine the right product for my renewable energy application?

Epic Resins offers a range of products for diverse applications. By consulting with our team and providing specific project details, we can guide you to the most suitable encapsulation, adhesive, or potting solution for your needs.