Epic Resins Introduces Cost Effective PV Products

Resins for Photovoltaic Components

Epic Resins has introduced a line of epoxy resin and polyurethane products for photovoltaic applications. Designed to replace expensive silicones, these products offer improved adhesion and better environmental protection in J-box electronics potting, adhering the J-box to the back sheet of the PV panel, and in sealing the PV panel frames.

Epic R1074-06/H4030-02 is a two component, UL V-0 listed, RoHS compliant epoxy potting material for junction boxes. The S7469 series of products are polyurethane adhesives that feature an easy to use 1:1 volumetric mix ratio and a variety of gel times to suit your particular production rate. The RM2000 series of one component moisture cure adhesives offer the convenience of one component dispensing with a range of viscosities and gel times to choose from.

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