Epic S7511 Polyurethane Potting Compound & Adhesive


  • S7511


  • Polyurethane

Application Type

  • Adhesive



  • Suitable for applications requiring an IP69K rating
  • Excellent adhesion to many substrates, including plastic and metal
  • 1:1 volumetric mix ratio
  • Semi-flexible
  • Good thermal cycling properties
  • Variable gel times - from 20 seconds to 20 minutes

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High pressure? High temp? No problem.

Automotive wire harness potting rated to extreme temperatures

Discover the power of S7511, engineer’s choice for applications requiring ingress protection with an IP69K rating. But what exactly is IP69K? This prestigious rating guarantees utmost safeguarding against dust infiltration and high-temperature, high-pressure water intrusion. In industries where dust and grime pose a significant challenge, it is crucial to prevent any potential damage caused by the penetration of dust and water during intense high-pressure cleaning procedures.

Experience Unmatched Protection with the IP69K Rating

You can rest assured that your equipment will withstand extreme cleaning conditions. This versatile compound is ideal for applications that regularly undergo rigorous cleaning, like vehicles and outdoor lighting (ex. construction vehicles, flood lighting, etc.).

Unlock the Full Potential of S7511

Suitable for a wide range of applications and manufacturing processes, S7511 is truly the ultimate potting compound choice for industrial engineers. Whether you require a quick gel time of 20 seconds or need a longer gel time of up to 20 minutes, S7511 caters to your specific needs. Its exceptional performance and reliability make it the go-to solution in various industries. Say goodbye to concerns about dust and water infiltration and trust S7511 to deliver unmatched protection for your valuable equipment.