Epic S7478 Polyurethane Receives 140C RTI UL Recognition

New Epic Resins Product

Epic S7478 Polyurethane has received UL RTI recognition at 140C.  The Epic S7478 is a two-component high thermally conductive polyurethane potting compound for use in high-temperature applications. The Epic S7478 is UL94 V-0 recognized in a thin cross-section without the use of halogen flame retardants. The Epic S7478 has user-friendly features such as:

  • Mid-range hardness of Shore A 75 - 80
  • Low mixed viscosity for superior flow
  • Excellent thermal conductivity properties Short gel time for fast production Excellent moisture resistance. Used in outdoor and other harsh environments

As a high RTI polyurethane, the S7478 is a potting compound designed specifically for use in equipment that must conform to UL 8750, the standard for LED Equipment for use in Lighting Products. It is also a great potting material for the following applications:

  • LED Lighting Drivers
  • Damp Location Drivers
  • Electrical Encapsulation
  • Signals and Indicators
  • Signs
  • Automotive Assemblies
  • Decorative LED Lights
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