Now Able to Measure Frequencies up to 3 GHz

Keysight E4991B Impedance Analyzer gives the ability to measure dielectric constant and dissipation factor at high frequencies

March 20, 2020

This month Epic Resins, an epoxy and polyurethane resin manufacturing company, announces that they have added a Keysight E4991B Impedance Analyzer to their already extensive laboratory.

The E4991B is being used immediately to measure both dielectric constant and dissipation factor from frequencies between 1Mhz and 3 GHz. Previously, Epic Resins could only measure up to frequencies of 100KHz. As high frequency electronic potting applications have become more prevalent, Epic Resins now has added a capability to help their customers and markets that they have not previously been able to service completely.

This will benefit customers and markets who pot high frequency electronic components by:

  • allowing for the measurements of the dielectric properties of potting and encapsulating compounds
  • adding the ability to develop new products where there is the need to target specific electrical properties at these high frequencies
  • allow for testing to a broader range of existing materials

Keysight E4991B