Environmental Benefits of SVM Viscometer

Minimizing Environmental Footprint with the SVM Kinematic Viscometer

Epic Resins adds the SVM Viscometer for greater accuracy, efficiency and positive environmental impact. 

Palmyra, WI: This month Epic Resins, a polyurethane and epoxy resin manufacturing company, announced that they have added a SVM Kinematic Viscometer to their laboratory. This highly precise model 3001 SVM Viscometer is immediately being used to automatically measure density and viscosity across a wide temperature range.

The SVM 3001 series viscometer significantly reduces Epic Resins’ environmental footprint with energy consumption of just 50 W, instead of 1,000 W or more with manual glass capillaries. ASTM D7042-compliant measurements require 5 mL of sample instead of 25 mL and only 6 mL of solvent per determination instead of 40 mL. This helps save on excess material and disposal, which ensures a sustainable measuring process.

This will benefit our customers by: SVM Viscometer

  • lower environmental footprint: analyzes with less sample, less solvent and much less energy
  • automatic calculations: provides highly reliable measurements and excellent traceability

The SVM 3001 measures:

  • Kinematic viscosity
  • Dynamic viscosity
  • Density (ASTM D4052)
  • Viscosity index (VI)