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This is your ultimate resource guide for epoxy resins, polyurethane adhesives, and electronic potting compounds. Below you will find industrial supply resources, MMD (meter, mix, and dispense) equipment suppliers, sealant equipment, and other resources to help you with your bonding manufacturing projects. You would use our general industrial supply links to help you find the supplemental tools and materials for your epoxy needs.

These include things like drum and pail equipment, solvent removal for cured epoxy and polyurethane, mold release materials, surface treatment products, and much more. The MMD links to companies with equipment for mixing, measuring, and dispensing your polyurethanes and epoxies. Also included are useful publications for the adhesive and sealant manufacturing industry, helping you stay well-informed on the latest industry news. These resources will keep you updated on industry standards for alternative energy, renewable energy, electronic products, solar industry, photovoltaics, and more.

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