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Polyurethane Potting Compounds – Essential to Modern Manufacturing

Potting Resins with Epic Results

Epic Resins supplies the potting industry with top-quality products, raising the bar in compound innovation. Designed to withstand usage and environmental stresses, our polyurethane potting compounds are perfect for a variety of applications including pool filters, automotive potting, communication devices, and much more. Our reliable compounds seal out threatening elements and protect the enclosed working components.

6 Benefits from Polyurethane Potting

There are several advantages our potting resins offer. Resistance to extreme environmental conditions and unbeatable strength are just some of the properties found in Epic Resins’ polyurethane potting compounds. Here are the properties you gain by incorporating epoxy or polyurethane potting compounds into your application design:

Whatever the product needs, our polyurethane potting compounds provide consistent performance to accomplish any potting application.

Masters of Compound Formulation

Epic Resins custom formulated epoxies and polyurethane potting compounds are what set us apart from our competition. Wherever our services are needed, we are able to assess the application requirements and determine the right potting resin for your needs. Our unparalleled expertise and problem-solving skills make Epic Resins the supplier to come to again and again. Exceptional customer service is what we expect of ourselves. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t either.

As America’s leader in custom resin formulation, Epic Resins offers the best craftsmanship, research, and development available.

Polyurethane Applications for Any Business, Just Like These…

Epic Resins’ polyurethane and epoxy compounds are suitable for several industries, offering the best solutions for a specific need. Featured industries with correlating products include:

Wind Energy

Wind turbines for energy production are manufactured with ultimate care, requiring a reliable resin to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh weather, and chemical battery leakage. Our products’ strength takes on all interferences, leaving you with quality, long lasting components.

Epic 0147 - Single Component Thixotropic Epoxy Compound

Epic 0147 has properties including long shelf life and rigidity. This product is specifically designed for impregnating and encapsulating wound coils and stator end windings, preventing damage due to vibration and exposure to outside stresses.

Epic 0131 - Epoxy Resin Compound

Epic 0131 is specifically a heat-resistant resin, this epoxy compound is perfect for wind energy application. The strong bond strength also proves best for wet-winding/brushing specifically for rotating wind turbines.

Solar Energy

Solar charge controllers, micro-inverters, power optimizers and other electronics involved with solar energy distribution and management are constantly exposed to outdoor elements.  Moisture is especially concerning for these types of products as risking seepage, corrosion and arcing will cause malfunctions and failure in your component. Our potting compounds are designed to seal out moisture, protecting electrical components from being damaged to due to moisture exposure.

Epic SolarSet S7202 Series

Epic SolarSet S7202 is specifically set for electronic applications. This two part polyurethane potting compound is great for charge controllers, power optimizers, solid state inverters, and micro-inverters. Extreme temperature jumps are no match for this material.

Epic S7188-03

Epic SolarSet S7188-03A/B is a fire resistant, two component, filled epoxy potting and casting system. EPIC S7188-03A/B features a low mixed viscosity to allow for complete air release, a convenient mix ratio and very low shrinkage. S7188-03A/B is designed to pass UL94V-0.


The ignition system is an essential part of the car. One thing goes wrong, and your car fails to start. We use our epoxy resin on the ignition coils, protecting them from moisture and other elements.

Epic 0156 - Single Component Epoxy Resin Potting Compound

Epic 0156 is designed for insulating motors, coils, transformers, and other components. Protection from corrosion and vibration are essential in many automotive applications, potting compounds play an important factor in combating corrosion and vibration, the Epic 0156 is a great solution for these applications.

Epic R3521 / H5094 - 2 Component Epoxy Potting Compound

Epic R3521 / H5094 is black in color, and is a room-temperature electrical potting compound made for durable electronics with protection from environmental risks. This epoxy insulates high voltage electrical components such as ignition coils.


A significant number of communication devices are exposed to damaging outdoor elements, such as moisture. Moisture causes corrosion, arching, degradation and system failure. Potting compounds will protect the electrical equipment, made hydrolytically stable and strong. Extreme heat is also a negatively effective element which can be mitigated using thermally conductive potting compounds.

Epic S7260 - 2 Component Polyurethane Potting Compound

Epic S7260 is excellent for cable splicing or junction potting. This potting resin has a fast gel time of 15 minutes for faster production throughput.

Epic S7144 - 2 Component Polyurethane System

Epic S7144 is best used for electronic devices, with a Shore A hardness of 80, proving its strength through durability. This product has excellent water stability and can be sand impregnated to lower potting costs.

Pool / Spa Filters

Pools accumulate unwanted elements such as mold, algae, and bacteria, requiring special filters to remove waste. With the importance of a great-working filter, our polyurethane potting compounds keep water, cleaning chemicals, and other harsh elements away from filtered water. Selecting the appropriate potting compound for pool and spa filtration is extremely important as chemical exposure and rapid temperature changes can break down inferior products, causing complete system failure.

Epic S7254 - Polyurethane Casting Compound

Epic S7254 is perfect for pool filter manufacturing and has a fast cure schedule allowing for fast mold cycling ideal for pool and spa filter manufacturing.

Epic S7357 - 2 Component Polyurethane Compound

Epic S7357 is a polyurethane resin, best suited for filter cartridges and end caps, prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. High in strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance, the compound offers a fast cure schedule for high throughput manufacturing.

Epic Resins guarantees the best adhesives for any tough job, providing reliable products paired with exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable development lab and technical support team continuously strive to improve the resin material industry. We're building a better tomorrow, today.  

Contact the potting compound specialists at Epic Resins to find a solution for your industry-specific needs today.

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