ISO Certified Epoxy Manufacturer

Qualified for ISO Certification

ISO certification is a symbol of quality and sustainability. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) aims to make sure companies are adhering to their bottom lines. If a company claims they produce epoxy and polyurethane compounds, they investigate to make sure the products are high-quality, reliable, and as safe as the companies claim.

Benefits of ISO Certification

ISO Certification - Environmentally Safe And Effective Products Meeting Customers NeedsStandards have been established by organizations, such as the ISO, to help companies streamline their processes. We’ve been able to reduce our impact on the environment by adhering to these standards. Epic Resins produces significantly less waste than is required to meet the ISO standards for waste production. Many of our products, by the very nature of them, produce no harmful fumes or byproducts, because many of our products are solvent-free, thus making them inherently green.

ISO 9001:2015 introduces a layout for a system of information management able to improve and integrate the operations of different functions within a business. This helps because knowledge is power. The dissemination of information to the employees means they have to be more knowledgeable of all aspects of their job and our company. They have to know material specifications and the most efficient ways to use the machinery to optimize their production. The effect of information management is widespread efficiency and productivity, reducing costs for the employer and passing those savings on to the consumers.

ISO 9001:2015’s system of information management also establishes guidelines for employee safety. At Epic Resins, we care about our employees. Any measure we can take to protect them from on-the-job injuries is a measure we are willing to take. ISO 9001:2015 establishes best practices for how we can help our employees be safe. We make sure they know how to handle the materials properly and carefully. We make sure they use the machinery in accordance with the operator’s manuals. We make sure they’re safe, and ISO 9001:2015 has helped us to make sure they’re even safer.

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