Short Lead Times and Fast Turnaround in Resin Manufacturing

Efficient Production Processes

Adhesive Epoxies Made Fast To Meet Your NeedsEpic Resins prides itself on knowing what customers want: to get their business done with as few complications as possible. Fast turnaround times and cost-effective pricing have made Epic Resins an internationally recognized company.

One of the most important aspects of a business’ success is the communication between departments; each department sharing what it knows with the other teams. Sharing knowledge and proper communication create an effective production environment. It gives employees the ability to be helpful and informed while interacting with customers and other members of the Epic Resins team.

Epic Tools of the Trade

Our state of the art development lab allows Epic Resins to quickly and effectively manufacture quality resins. We already employ some of the best chemical engineers in the business. Giving them the equipment needed to maximize their potential was the next logical step. The advanced equipment gives our engineers an edge over the competition. They can analyze materials, deconstruct and reformulate new epoxy potting compounds with the same or similar properties. We have state of the art production facilities which can produce the custom resin formulas tailored to your specific project.

Quality Customer Service

From the first call to the finished product delivery, our customer service representatives are an integral part of how quickly Epic Resins is able to give customers what they want. Our expert customer service earned its name by providing knowledgeable service with the technical know-how to answer complicated questions about our process, our products or our company in general. We can't wait to talk to you about your resin product needs!

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