State of the Art Development Lab

State of the Art Development Facilities

Epoxy Compounds Developed In House At Our State Of The Art LabEpic Resins utilizes myriad forms of technology at the forefront of the industry. We want to be able to deliver the best possible product to our clients, customers, and partners. High-quality materials and our expert knowledgeable staff consistently produce high-quality products—from custom epoxy resin to electronic potting compounds. We also offer helpful info, such as how to remove epoxy from your electronic components.

Epic Resins Formulates to Your Specifications

We use microscopes to investigate the composition of the materials and their reaction to various other constituents in prospective compounds. We also take advantage of the technology found in MALDI (matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization) spectrometers. This allows us to get a better picture of the specifics of epoxy or resin, not unlike the imaging used in MRI machines; except the images produced by MALDI spectrometers are magnified views of molecular level structures allowing our staff to evaluate and understand the compositions of various materials.

Epic Resins’ chemical engineers frequently use our vacuum chamber to simulate the conditions the resins will be exposed to when used in the production of other items, such as electronics potting. Simulating the environment the materials will be used in, is essential to providing a quality product, allowing us to gain a complete understanding of how the materials will act in those conditions – and modify the product in accordance with the necessary changes.

Other technologies the chemists at Epic Resins use include—but are not limited to—thermal mechanical analyzers (TMA) and differential scanning calorimeters (DSC). They measure things like the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)—expressing how much a material expands or contracts in the presence of temperature changes—and the glass transition (Tg).

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