Telecommunication Resins & Potting Compounds

Potting Compounds Protect Against Weather

Polyurethane and potting compounds adding efficiency to telecommunication systems

The telecommunication industry relies on epoxies and urethane products to ensure their technology functions properly. A considerable amount of communication technology is exposed to the elements. These elements cause interference, degradation and general chaos on communication systems. Water is very destructive to telecommunications if not kept in check. When hardware isn’t properly protected, contact with water causes:

To protect telecom equipment from water degradation, epoxy adhesives are applied. 2 component potting compounds provide the protection electrical equipment needs when exposed to water and moisture. Resins specially designed to maintain hydrolytic stability will protect your equipment from water degradation.


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Thermally Conductive Epoxies Solving Problems with Heat

Telcom equipment generates a substantial amount of heat. Overheating would cause serious issues and prevent effective system functionality. To solve the build-up of heat, thermally conductive epoxies are applied to electrical equipment. Withstanding hot temperatures, thermally conductive epoxies dissipate this heat without negatively impacting telecommunication performance.

Custom Formulation for Comm Systems

Epic Resins offers epoxies for many different industries, each benefiting structurally, operationally, or in resistance to environmental conditions. For example, in the solar energy industry, solar panels receive enhanced structural integrity thanks to polyurethane materials.

We offer a wide assortment of polyurethane products, epoxy compounds and adhesives to cover your telecommunication needs. If you need something specially made to match your manufacturing requirements, our team of highly skilled formulators will create a custom epoxy specifically for you.


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Epic Formulations & Applications

Epoxy & Polyurethane Formulations

  • 1 component
  • 2 component
  • Polyurethane potting compounds
  • Electrical potting compounds
  • Thixotropic epoxy compounds
  • Anhydride cure
  • Battery potting compounds
  • Adhesives and bonding materials
  • Polyurethane elastomer
  • Flame Retardant Polyurethane
  • Electronic encapsulation
  • Low hardness polyurethane
  • Aliphatic polyurethane compound
  • UL-Recognized potting compound
  • Thermally conductive epoxy